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Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre territory, heart of the silver economic system

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At the beginning of the year, Allo Louis received ESUS approval (enterprise of social services based on solidarity), which gives it easier access to solidarity investment funds and aid schemes intended for players in the social economy and solidarity. This is a real step forward for this start-up that puts senior citizens and students in touch with each other to do small jobs at home. It is organized, like about twenty others, by Silver Innov’, a hotel-business incubator in Ivry-sur-Seine, managed by a local public institution and financed in particular by the Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre intercommunal authority.

The objective of the structure is to participate in the development of the silver economy. “The silver economy is all about aging well and the market for seniors 50 and over, even if the definition of the term senior is very relative,” explains Anouk Serreau, deputy director. It includes all areas of life – food, services, clothing, leisure, health, etc.

Silver Innov’ helps innovative new businesses develop their solutions. “We are not an incubator as such, explains the deputy director. We offer private offices, expert support and access to the Health – Aging – Disability ecosystem, for a renewable period of two years.”

With its co-working space, opened at the beginning of November in the Yuri Building of Zac Ivry Unions, the Walter company offers a complementary offer in terms of accommodation to companies interested in aging: “We have no time limits: they will be in able to get a classic commercial lease on the platforms they can develop, or have a ready-to-use offer,” says Fanny Martin, operational director of Walter, a subsidiary of the Patriarche group.

The Silver Valley, a network of 300 players

The territory has many references in the field of aging, on a medical, scientific and economic level. A story that began in the mid-1990s. “At that time, doctors at the Charles-Foix hospital in Ivry-sur-Seine, specializing in geriatrics, alerted the mayor to the needs regarding research, training and innovation, regarding with help with autonomy, says Gilles Bailleux, head of mission of innovation, sectors and higher education for Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre. In collaboration with the county council, hospitals and associations, the city has set up the “life extension pole” (now called FuturAge) to work on various aspects, such as scientific research. This led to the creation of the Longevity Institute, on the site of the hospital, an economic group that would make up Silver Valley and Silver Innov’. Established in 2013, Silver Valley has become a network of more than 300 actors, which offers in particular the program called “Being an entrepreneur to strengthen your skills in entrepreneurship and management”.

“The territory has many references in the field of aging, on a medical, scientific and economic level. A story that began in the mid-1990s”

Projects continue to see the light of day: Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre has joined forces with Creativ Valley to launch the Autonom innov’ creation and raise awareness among students in the area. On the training side, Paris-Est Créteil University is preparing in Vitry the opening of a campus for health and geriatric professions, in response to a call for projects from Ile-de-France. An applied research center is planned for 2023 at the site of the Charles-Foix hospital, to test the projects in real situations.


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