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Founded in 1996 by Eric Chardoillet, First Finance Group has trained more than 100,000 people in seminars, 150,000 in digital learning and certified 8,000 learners from the Grandes Ecoles. She also pioneered the MOOC format in 2013. The aim of their First Education Online offer: to offer employees who want to develop professionally, as well as students who want to complete their studies, a certification with quality content, issued by a school renowned as HEC Paris, ESCP Business School, emlyon, KEDGE , IESEG, SKEMA, CentraleSupelec, Mines ParisTech or Columbia.

Combination of academic rigor and work experience

In the context of “lifelong learning”, the acquisition of professional skills, validated by demanding and recognized certificates, becomes as important as the diploma. Therefore, First Education Online wanted to balance an excellent conceptual level and a highly operational approach that is immediately applicable.

From a pedagogical point of view, digital learning is a powerful tool because it offers the learner a lot of flexibility and an individual pace. But without synchronous support or exchanges with teachers and peers, online training is not effective because it is disembodied and does not answer the questions each individual is asking. In addition, with this format, the inhibitions that are possible in the training room, not daring to ask, disappear.

Pedagogy and content thought through to the millimeter

Thanks to its partnerships with the largest schools and its B2B proximity to almost all of the 500 leading French companies, First Education Online offers powerful digital learning pedagogy and content developed together with employers of unparalleled efficiency.

The aim is therefore to acquire, through continuous training, professional skills that will allow you to progress professionally, to adapt to professions that are undergoing major changes or to move to new professions or in tension.

Among the training courses offered, here are some examples of topics:

  • Corporate Finance provided by HEC Paris, with two programs [email protected] Paris (International Certificate in Corporate Finance) to master the basics of corporate finance and [email protected] Paris to know how to implement financial policies;
  • digital transformation delivered by ESCP Business School;
  • Project management in the digital age, delivered by CentraleSupélec Exed;
  • or even the impact of sustainable development on the supply chain or purchasing professions with the KEDGE Business School.

The originality of the format: online, operational, flexible and collaborative learning

First Education online courses are created by experts from leading grandes écoles and companies. Each certification path is divided into multiple stages, making it easy for learners to fit into their schedule – learning can be done anytime, anywhere on a PC or smartphone. The courses are based on social learning, which stems from the belief that we learn best together, not only from teachers but also from our peers.

The trainings are as follows:

  • 12 weeks of classes with 1 hour of video, hands-on work and quizzes requiring 4 to 5 hours of work per week;
  • for 4 months, weekly virtual classes and monthly master classes, face-to-face, webcast and available for replay, and a forum constantly enlivened by teachers and teaching assistants;
  • case studies prepared in sub-groups;
  • a 2-hour MCQ exam that can be taken anywhere in the world at the end of the program.

Training with high added value

First Education Online brings many benefits to those who take its training.

First and foremost, the learners, by allowing them to access the courses of the best French Grandes Ecoles and foreign business schools at their own pace, benefit from permanent and personalized support, obtain a prestigious certification, develop their network, in short to speed up their careers.

First Education enables companies to implement a culture of long-term learning and to support the personal and professional development of employees. It also enables them to transform their organization to achieve new directions or large-scale business transitions. Additionally, it helps close skill gaps and motivates and retains employees through highly rewarding certifications.

Based on its partnerships with 10 renowned schools, First Education Online aims to cover the most important professional skills with quality content in direct contact with current events and a proven online pedagogy.

To learn more about First Education Online, visit the website directly:

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