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Homeschooling: suggestions from skilled mother and father | Coronavirus: Ontario

The Learn at Home platform is online to allow students to take lessons from home. Some parents are afraid of making that mistake. Others who have been homeschooling for years offer some advice here.

First of all, relaxexplains Elisabeth Palmer, a Windsor resident. Let your child know that everything will be okaysays this mother who homeschooled her five children.

This advice may seem trivial, but it’s also the advice given by the Federation of Ontario Parent Teachers (FOPE). According to her, whether or not they (the children) understand why they have to stay locked up, the isolation itself is stressful. Stress and learning do not go well together. (…) It is not the time to impose optional school work, it is the time to strengthen family ties, to give your children love, to calm them down, to give them the sense of security ..

A playful approach

Ms. Palmer also advises parents who are starting homeschooling to build on their children’s interests and find games that appeal to them. She suggests, for example, when the news is mainly about the coronavirus, to study with her child the definition of the word virus. Or even take a geography course studying countries that have been affected by the pandemic.

To parents who may doubt their abilities, she wants to remind you that it is very possible to learn at the same time as your child.

Sophie Rivest lives in Varennes, Quebec. This former teacher teaches her four children at home.

It’s time for everyone to spend quality time with their child. »

A quote from Sophie Rivest, who has been homeschooling for 6 years

She is aware of the difficulties that may be encountered by families that are not sufficiently equipped with computers, but she thinks that learning can be done in other ways. I think it’s easier to get into our daily routine than to actually make notebooks with pages. (…) You have to trust yourself and invent games with your child.

Therefore, everything can be an excuse to learn. It could even be simply cutting an apple in half to make fractions, she said. Another example, this morning my little ones did a scavenger hunt at home and had to count the kitchen utensils in the drawers.

This pedagogical approach is also the one presented by FOPE, which recalls that learning at home it does not necessarily resemble the institutional and standardized education that is that of the school.

The organization also wants to reassure parents who improvise as homeschoolers: according to it, the government has not abandoned you and will continue to provide public education in one way or another after April 5th. (…) You just have to wait for them to come up with their solution.

Another element that can comfort parents: according to Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Rivest, if the child is focused, a half day of home schooling is equal to a day of school, because he will benefit from more attention at Home.

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