HYDROGENE DE FRANCE: G20, Indonesia: DFC (US Worldwide Growth Finance Company) to offer technical help to HDF Vitality for the event of inexperienced hydrogen energy vegetation in Indonesia – 25.11.2022 at 08:30

Jakarta, November 25, 2022

– PT HDF Energy Indonesia, subsidiary in Asia of Hydrogène de France SA (“HDF Energy”) – Euronext Paris: HDF, a global pioneer in hydrogen power plants and manufacturer of high-performance fuel cells, has a cooperation with DFC ( US International Development Finance Corporation) for development of multi-megawatt power plants Renewstable


in Indonesia.

This collaboration is one of 13 initiatives that are part of a strategic partnership between the United States and Indonesia to combat global warming and promote access to affordable food and electricity. This partnership between DFC and HDF Energy was announced by US President Joe Biden after meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo during the G20 Summit on November 14, 2022.

As an island nation, Indonesia is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Most of Indonesia’s energy now comes from fossil fuels, with coal, oil and gas accounting for over 90% of the country’s energy. In addition, most of the country depends on isolated power grids fed by diesel power plants, particularly in the eastern regions (East Nusa Tenggara, Papua and Maluku) where HDF Energy has established itself.

Renewable multi-megawatt power plants


, invented and developed by HDF Energy, are a solution to this problem. regrowing plants


generate electricity that is non-intermittent, renewable and available 24 hours a day, combining intermittent renewable energy with massive energy storage in the form of hydrogen. It is the green alternative to conventional combined heat and power plants, because they only use sun and water to generate electricity and thus avoid greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter and noise pollution.

DFC is committed to providing technical assistance to HDF Energy to support the development of renewable projects


in Indonesia. DFC will fund engineering and feasibility studies for all 22 HDF Energy projects in Indonesia. HDF Energy also receives support from development banks for this project pipeline with an investment sum of 1.5 billion dollars (USD). The most advanced project is on the island of Sumba. This is a renewable powerhouse


of 10 MW, cornerstone of the Indonesian government’s Sumba Iconic Island sustainable development program. To conduct these studies, HDF and DFC will encourage the engagement of local technical consultants to measure the impact of hydrogen on the power sector in these regions. In addition, these projects will create local green jobs and thereby contribute to the regional and national economy of Indonesia.

HDF Energy had already signed last month

a letter of intent with PT Nusantara Power

, a subsidiary of PT PLN Persero (the national electricity company) to create synergies in the actions, resources and expertise needed to study and develop green hydrogen projects. This includes the 22 Renewstable projects


from HDF Energy, for which DFC will provide technical support. In addition, the two companies will also consider implementing hydrogen generation plants to reduce the use of fossil fuels in existing power plants. The collaboration between HDF Energy and PT PLN Persero will accelerate the development of these large scale hydrogen infrastructures.

Mathieu GEZE, Director of PT HDF Energy Indonesia said:

“Indonesia faces unique limitations due to its archipelagic territory. Our partnership with DFC, alongside our collaboration with PT PLN Nusantara Power, is an important milestone in the development of renewable power plants


in Indonesia. These plants could help the country to decarbonize its electricity grids by reducing diesel consumption while supporting the government’s development program for eastern Indonesia. Our project pipeline demonstrates HDF’s global leadership in the green hydrogen market and will position Indonesia as a leader in green hydrogen projects in Asia. »

Jake Levine, Director of Climate Management at DFC, said:

“By providing technical assistance, DFC will support HDF Energy in the early development phase of its innovative clean energy and energy storage projects in Indonesia. The renewable solution


HDF is the type of innovation that will be critical in supporting the world’s clean energy transition, and DFC is excited to support the early stages of its adoption. Renewable


has the potential to become a breakthrough climate solution. »

Muhamad Reza, Commercial Manager, PT PLN Nusantara Power added:

“The renewable solution


of HDF, which combines intermittent renewable energy, batteries and massive hydrogen storage, offers a green alternative to reduce diesel consumption in East Indonesia. We look forward to understanding the feasibility of the projects and exploring opportunities for future collaboration with HDF Energy. »

To access the announcement of the collaboration on the DFC website, click here.

Click here to access the Strategic Partnership Announcement on the White House website.


HDF Energy is a global pioneer in hydrogen power. HDF Energy develops large-capacity hydrogen power plants and participates in their operation. These systems supply electricity continuously or on demand from renewable energies (wind or sun), combined with powerful fuel cells from Hydrogène de France.

HDF Energy has developed two models of hydrogen power plants:

• Renewable


(POWER TO POWER): Multi-megawatt power plants producing stable electricity, consisting of an intermittent renewable source and a hydrogen chain including on-site energy storage.

• Hypower


(GAS TO POWER): Multi-megawatt power plants that generate electricity on demand from carbon-free hydrogen from transport networks.

In Asia, HDF Energy is present in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and will expand its presence in Japan and India in early 2023.

HDF Shares are listed on the Regulated Market of Euronext Paris Compartment B.

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