“I ought to stay with that”: the heartfelt cry of Maëlle, 20, a pupil who receives a month-to-month grant of €100

This Tuesday, November 1st, Maëlle, a young student, spoke about Tik Tok, the mobile application for video sharing and social networking launched in September 2016. The young woman points out the insecurity of her daily life and denounces the ridiculous amount of his stipend paid by the Crous.

Inflation takes its toll on students. While the Paris Samusocial Observatory has just released a survey on student precariousness two years after the Covid, Maëlle, 20, a student at Sciences Po, is evoking her situation with emotion on her Tik Tok account.

@elleam_____ pojr those who tell me to work I’m already looking for a job #student #galley #poor ♬ Jocelyn Flores – XXXTENTACION

For 4 years they have cut my scholarship every year

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The young woman has started her fourth year of study in Berlin and regrets that her scholarship is drastically shrinking every year. She also explains that her parents “don’t have the means” to pay for her studies, so she’s forced to work alongside her classes to support herself.

“I worked a lot, I was super tired, but she [le Crous] further, they cut my scholarship again because, I quote ‘my parents live in Mayotte’, so they have a higher salary.” However, the student explains that her father is unemployed and that if her mother is supplemented, it’s easy this is how you can cope with the very high food prices in the DOM TOM. “The cheese costs 10 euros,” recalls Maëlle, who specifies that with a salary of 2,000 euros for two people, her parents only have the “necessities”.

This year we broke a record: I 100 euros scholarship per month, and that’s what I’m supposed to live on, pay my groceries, pay my rent, which is 400 euros. I’m abroad so everything is more expensive

With tears, the young woman explains that she still can’t make ends meetShe has been working 20 hours a week for 2 years now. This hectic pace of life is not without consequences for Maëlle’s schooling, which denounces: “My studies are suffering, but I work and say nothing”.

“How many hours do I have to work to pay for my living?” she asks desperately. To this question, the Crous apparently had no answer, as Maëlle states that he had them on the phone and that the latter replied “that there is nothing they can do”.

She would have asked for a too emergency aid, which would have been rejected because the student had worked over the summer. Maëlle would have used this money mainly to help her parents. A support that he would have been accused of when he asked for emergency aid.

“I’m fed up, I can’t take it anymore”. In light of this distress call, support on Tik Tok and on Twitter was plentiful. His video has been viewed over 4 million times. The solidarity didn’t stop with the many expressions of support since a Leetchi kitten was opened. More than 14,000 euros came together.

More than 14,000 euros came together.

More than 14,000 euros came together.

The latter has been closed and the money will be shared with student associations, explained Maëlle on her social networks, asked by many media outlets to discuss her situation.

Update: Maëlle has closed the box office (which reached €14,000) and will share the money with student associations?

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