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Immersion at a medical-educational institute (IME), that of La Clarté, in Moulins (Allier)

“Go on, you can interview her, she’s perfect. “From the top of his 1.80 meters and 14 years, Kyllian Hamouche compliments the social worker of La Clarté, Cécile Portejoie, and gives us his approval to hear: “We have an approval of 48 countries”, explains the professional behind. a burst of laughter. “We welcome young people from 14 to 20 years old. Here they attend professional workshops and benefit from educational monitoring and health monitoring. Support is comprehensive and individual. »

“Well done, you summed it up well, lady,” Kyllian questions energetically. It is intended for the kitchen. “Our mission is to ensure the transition to adulthood and autonomy”, continues the social worker enthusiastically. “Young people will then go to CAP, Ésat, adapted company, CRP and if they can’t work, they will join a day host service where the activities are unpaid and there is no result obligation. » (1)

Doors open this Saturday, November 26th

There is much to discover at La Clarté, from the boarding school to classes and workshops, including the restaurant, which is open to the public. (Read below).

“If you’re ready for a visit, I’ll be your guide,” announces Kyllian, whom we gladly follow. This medical-educational institute located on rue de Decize, in Moulins, opened its doors to its partners last week.

The general public will be able to visit the institution, from top to bottom, this Saturday, November 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“The objective is to present the latest developments of La Clarté and to refute the institute”, summarizes Éric Hamel, head of the Moulins Children’s Territory sector in the Unapéi Pays d’Allier. (2)

A unique festival dedicated to mental disability in Montluçon with Unapei Pays d’Allier

In 2021, three professional workshops were opened: car wash, sales and logistics.

The Sales Workshop is a small shop that offers products made by students (plants or seeds, soups, breads and cakes, etc.) on Fridays, but only inside. The same goes for car washes.

“These services are not accessible to individuals,” emphasizes Éric Lagneau, who oversees the construction workshop, “an IME is not a service provider like an Ésat. »

Students and teachers are open to partnerships

On the other hand, for educational purposes, without reward or result obligation, the young people attending the logistics workshop are trained to order from the associations: folding leaflets for the agglomeration Friends of Moulin Organs, creating motifs for repeated coloring. for La Farandole Nursery.

“We are open to other partnerships,” says supervisor Angélique Thomas-Corde. (3)

Stéphane Forbeau’s green spaces workshop takes place in the Balaine arboretum, the MGEN park and the garden of the Moulin nursing home, L’Ermitage.

The laundry workshop is trained with clothes from the restaurant and from the dormitory. Indeed, a third of the young people at La Clarté are day students, others are boarders and benefit from single or double rooms, or even a studio for those adults who will become independent. In this workshop, young people learn to unbutton, wash, iron, fold, but also mend and sew a button and finally deliver. “We also create coins, bags or salad bags,” explains the supervisor, Sandrine Ruet. Soon, on the shelves of the workshop sale shop? “Here, we work hand in hand,” concludes Kyllian.

(1) CAP: certificate of professional ability (in a regular school setting);
CRP: professional rehabilitation center;
Ésat: Creation and service of help through work;
adapted company is a company in the usual environment with the peculiarity of employing a high percentage of workers with disabilities.

(2) The Unapei Pays d’Allier association consists of about thirty institutions or services at home or in ordinary settings, for people with mental disabilities, at all ages of life.

(3) Call La Clarté who will forward it to the reference person, on

Workers with disabilities take the step towards an adapted company

A medical-educational institute welcomes young people from the age of 12, 13 or 14 years, up to 20, or even 21 years, with notification from the House of the Department for Persons with Disabilities (MDPH). They come from a regular school environment, from a localized unit for comprehensive education (Ulis), from a therapeutic educational and pedagogical institute (ITEP), from an adapted section of general and professional education (Segpa).

Restaurant Le 41, open every Thursday

Le 41 is the name of the restaurant of the medical-educational institute La Clarté, rue de Decize. It opened in 2017 and remains unrecognizable, despite its intimate setting and terrace overlooking the quiet garden, open in the spring and until the establishment’s summer closure before July 14.

Le 41 is open on Thursdays, excluding school holidays. ABOUT €12an aperitif with or without alcohol, a starter, a main course and a dessert, with fresh seasonal produce from the market gardening activity of the green space workshop or purchased at the market.

“Everything is homemade, except for the bread and the terrine,” summarizes Sandra Rilliard, supervisor. Cooking courses are also an opportunity to manage a budget, do shopping, imagine a menu, get interested in drinks.
“The young people provide impeccable service, are very demanding of themselves and know what they are talking about as they are the ones who have chosen and cooked the menu! »

14 rooms in winter, 20 seats in spring with a terrace.

To book, call La Clarté on

Stephanie Mena

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