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In Brittany, Adil Rami and Peter Sagan are actors at an public sale for disabled youngsters

PLEDELIAK. Louise has worked hard on this auction for almost two years. ©Helen HERAULT

Since the end of September, Louise, Cloé and Eliot’s cousin, the two children who inspired the construction of the Escargot house in Plédéliac near Lamballe, has launched an unusual auction on eBay to help finance the building.

That’s the snail shell first conductive training center in Brittany that welcomes Children, adolescents and young adults with motor disabilities.

sporting effects

Louise is very present there, “always. My mother came to help Eliot and Cloé when I was little, I came with her”.

The Escargot house is my home too and I want to help on my level.

Cloé’s level is athletic: she has played rugby and coaches young people in soccer. Starting from her passion, she introduced herself an auction of well-known sporting goods on the eBay website.

“I have seen this done for other federations. I spoke to my parents about it first and they said it was a good idea. »

Jersey water bottles, sneakers

Carole Bourdais-Savé, the founder of the House of EscargotShe, mother of Eliot and Cloé, is enthusiastic about the proposal. So Louise takes the plunge.

I started sending dozens of emails: I got them mainly from social networks.

It’s the year 2020. The first positive feedback is coming.

Videos: currently on Actu

“There were negatives too, but they were always encouraging! And as soon as I got the first positive feedback, followed by receiving the packages, that really spurred me on! »

Hundreds of in-game prizes

Louise sends Hundreds of emails during detention. And she gets water bottles, jerseys, sneakers, autographed caps… From soccer players, cyclists, swimmers, tennis players…

Adil Rami, the soccer player, sent me his shirt from the Troyes club where he is playing!

and Peter Sagan, the Slovakian cyclist, his autographed World Champion jersey. A wonderful catch for the young girl who spares no effort. In total, she harvests more than a hundred batches.

Soccer champion Adil Rami donated his jersey.
Soccer champion Adil Rami donated his jersey. ©Helen HERAULT

Five articles every week

Since 26.09. Every week she uploads 5 articles on eBay, offers upsells for 7 days and renews items every Monday. “It’s starting slowly. What isn’t sold I’ll put back online later. »

The biggest prizes, I’m waiting for the holiday season to show.

The sale is expected to last until early 2023

On sale this week through November 21st are: freestyle skier Perrine Laffont’s autographed bib, Paralympic swimmer Alex Portal’s autographed t-shirt, Italian cyclist Dario Cataldo’s cap, autographed jumpsuit donated by German cyclist Simon was Geschke and the autographed T-shirt, donated by Paralympic swimmer Ugo Didier.

Alexis and Maiwen Renard

“I am very happy to have all these great athletes helping us. We are also very happy because Alexis Renard, the local cycling champion, and his little sister Maïwen, who plays for Guingamp, are also taking part! »

We’ll have to wait a few more days before we can get some of their gear… Excitement!

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