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In Seine-et-Marne, these mother and father are struggling to go to highschool

Several families gathered in front of the prefecture of Seine-et-Marne on Friday, September 2, to demand their rights.
Several families gathered in front of the prefecture of Seine-et-Marne on Friday, September 2, to demand their rights. ©William Lacaille/Republic of Seine-et-Marne

They were twenty to protect the rights of hundreds of parents in the department. On Friday, September 2, several families braved the rain it manifests opposite the prefecture of Seine-et-Marne, in Melun. The reason for their anger: increasing difficulty in obtaining onenot authorized to practice Family Instruction (IEF), home school.

A law at the center of the conflict

To make their voices heard, the Seine-et-Marnaise mothers have created collectives, Free throws 77. They raise a joke against the law to fight against separatism, passed a year ago. This law “aims to respond to the retreat of the community and the development of radical Islamism, by strengthening respect for republican principles and by modifying the laws on religions”, explains the Government.

With this new legislation, Homeschooling is much more arranged, to the chagrin of parents who do not understand how much the war against separatism worries them. “We find itWe have no place in this law. There is no direct link between radicalization and homeschooling. We had a very bad experience of this approach”, says a mother from Fontenay-Trésigny.

According to Michael P. Donnelly, holder of a Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law, on which Les Pousses Libres 77 relies, “nothing connects homeschooling with this concern. Therefore, the prohibition of home schooling is not necessary to serve the interests of the school”.

The latter also claims that homeschooled children do very good students. “More than 700 colleges in the United States accept home-schooled students. Even these profiles are in demand”, he gives as an example.

“Prohibitions are raining”

In this framework of the fight against radicalization, the law sets much stricter criteria for parents, so that they can educate their children at home. “Before, we declared every year at the Academy that our child is educated in the family by offering our educational project. And we checked every year to check the child’s learning and the family context. Since this law, we mustrequire authorization from the rectorate and that we justify a specific situation” explains Diane Bhuicq, the mother who practices home education for these two girls aged 6 and 10 years.

Very demanding criteria that prevent many families from perfecting their child’s learning at home. “For several weeks, bans rain down. The Créteil Academy is among the main rejections, and in Seine-et-Marne the procedures for issuing authorizations for “the child’s own situation” appear to be drawn at a “short straw” rather than subjected to rigorous study. and equality of files”, says Jennifer. Siard, member of the collective.

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On Friday, September 2, the demonstration caught the eye of many deputies of the department such as Olivier Faure (SP) or Ersilia Soudais (LFI) who remain in contact with the collective to defend their issues in the National Assembly. Free Shoots 77 rcall for the repeal of Article 29 the reform of the religious police system, known as the anti-separatism law, which “reduces our freedoms”.

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