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Since this morning, Tuesday, November 15, the 61st day of the national uprising and coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of the bloody November 2019 uprising, Tehran and the province have been rising with the slogans “Down with Khamenei” and “Down with the dictator”. Universities staged sit-ins and protests, shopkeepers and bazaars went on strike. Young people from different parts of the city demonstrated and confronted the repressive forces.

At least 50 universities, including the country’s largest and oldest, have staged sit-ins and protests, according to reports received by 3pm Tehran time. In Tehran, Sharif University, Melli University Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Melli University Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University Research Science Unit Azad-center, Azad University of Tehran, Faculty of Research Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering of KhajehNasir University, Faculty of Law of Tehran University, Soureh University, Imran University, Azad Tehran West University, University of Science and Culture, IUT Yaftabad, Pardis Faculty of Tehran University, Tarbiat Modares University, Pars University of Architecture and Arts and Abbaspour -Branch of Melli University. In other cities, Universities of Azad in Karaj, Razi in Kermanshah, Khorasgan in Ispahan, Ferdoussi in Machad, Jabarian in Hamedan, Azad in Najaf Abad, Mathematics and Basic Sciences in Gilan, Homayounshahr, Orumieh, Yazd, Azad of Tabriz, Jundishapour, Amol, Azad from Abadan, Azad from Racht, Noshirvani from Babol, Azad from Birjand and the Technical and Vocational Faculty of Tabriz University, the Faculty of Sport of Tabriz University, Faculty of Humanities of Isfahan, Azad of Shiraz, Technical Faculty of Shiraz University , Bahonar Technical Faculty of Shiraz, Isfahan Vocational Technical College for Girls also demonstrated and held sit-ins.

The students demonstrated while chanting, “1500 killed in our [soulèvement] November [2019] ‘, ‘All these years of crimes, down with the religious dictatorship’, ‘this is the final message, the target is the whole system’, ‘we swear on the blood of our friends to resist to the end’, ‘we have done it give no death for compromise and bow before an assassin”. Clashes broke out between students and Bassij militiamen at Pardis Center University in Tehran. In Amir Kabir, also in Tehran, they fought against the repressive forces and civilian agents and beat some of them.

Today saw the biggest bazaar strike since the uprising began. In the capital, it affected Tehran Grand Bazaar, Zargaran Bazaar, Chamdanha Bazaar, Sahafan Bazaar, Payin Bazaar, as well as in other districts, Abbas Abad, Tajrish, Manochehri, CheragBargh, Tehran Pars, Chub bazaars Bridge, Parsian, Berlin Alley, Sattar Khan, Sohrevardi, Aladdin Passage and Sepahsalar. Merchants in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar chanted “Down with the dictator” and “This is the year of sacrifice, we will overthrow Seyed Ali.” [Khamenei] and set fire to a police officer’s motorcycle.

Traders went on strike in most cities including Shiraz, Shahryar, Dieselabad, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Oshnaviyeh, Javanroud, Saqqez, Boukan, Baneh, Marivan, Divandareh, Kamiyaran, Zahedan, Garmsar, Azad-Shahr, Yazd, Sabzevar, Kazeroun, Shahrecord, Marvdasht, Malek Shahr, Isfahan, Racht, Kish, the bazaar in downtown Bandar Abbas, Abressan, Tabriz and Abadan.

As of 3:00 p.m., protests were reported in 30 locations in Tehran, including Subway, Grand Bazaar, Nour Passage, Berliner Allee, Coca-Cola Crossing, Amir Kabir Street, ChiragBargh, Sanat Square 2nd District, Labafinejad 11th Ward, Shahrak-e -Gharb, Karegar-Jenoubi, Valiasr, Baharestan, Nazi Abad, Jomhouri Street, Nemat Abad 19th Ward Police Station. The demonstrators shouted “Down with the dictator” and blocked the streets in many places by setting garbage cans on fire and knocking down street signs. Brave women demonstrated on Karegar Street. Young insurgents set fire to a law enforcement motorbike on the Fatah highway. The number of demonstrators is gradually increasing.

In Sanandaj, young rebels protested by lighting fires in various streets. In Marvdasht, people fought police officers who chased them away, officers shot at people from inside a mosque. In Shiraz, young people blocked the road by tearing down street signs. Young insurgents from Yazd attacked the office of Khamenei’s representative on Wednesday morning and threw Molotov cocktails. In Kermanshah there was a demonstration in the town of Imam and youths set fire to garbage cans. The regime’s criminal agents brutally attacked Shiraz residents and smashed the windows of the strikers’ cars and shops. People gathered and demonstrated in the cities of Rasht, Kouhacht, Lorestan, Karaj, Gohardasht, Kerman, Kermanshah and Homayounshahr. Clashes erupted in Isfahan. In Chalousse, people demonstrated and a police station was set on fire by young rebels. In Kermanshah and Gorgan, youths set fire to the Bassij militia center.

Pupils in Tehran chanted “Down with the dictator” and “Freedom, freedom, freedom” in some schools. High school girls protested on Labafinejad Street shouting “The pervert is you, the free woman am I” and other high school girls in Naziabad protested with the slogan “I will kill the one who killed my sister”.


Maryam Rajavi, President of an NCRI

‌ Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

November 15, 2022

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