Is it better for concrete to be too wet or dry

One of the most important things to understand about concrete is that concrete is created by mixing a bunch of different products together. Usually it is a combination of water, cement and sand. As such, not all blends are created equally. This means that if something goes wrong with your mix at the start, it could ruin the whole concrete project.

One of the most common mixing mistakes made by the average concrete worker is adding too much water to the concrete. Let’s take a closer look at why and what happens when a concrete mix is ​​too wet.

Air and water are essential to life.

For concrete to be effective, it is necessary to incorporate air and water into the mix as the excess water freezes and thaws. Tiny, microscopic air bubbles in the concrete allow it to expand during the freeze-thaw cycle.

A significant amount of water is needed in the production of concrete, because the more water added to a mix, the less strength the cured mix will have.

Leave the concrete mixing to the experts

Whatever construction work you have going on, it’s worth getting your concrete right the first time, to avoid having to start all over again later down the line. If you want to guarantee the best quality in terms of frost resistance, compressive strength and longevity, you should opt for the advantages offered by the delivery of ready-mixed concrete.

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Understanding how concrete works

Concrete is a widely used man-made building material, usually composed of cement, water, air, sand and gravel. Concrete generally contains 10% cement, 20% water and air, 30% sand and 40% gravel, although the proportions can be different for different types of cement.

All of these ingredients are essential for producing strong concrete, and the quality of your concrete is highly dependent on ingredients and consistency.


Water plays an essential role in concrete because it activates the cement. Without water, concrete would remain a powder. Too much water and your concrete will be weak. Too little and it will be brittle.

When concrete is too wet, the excess water evaporates causing the concrete to shrink and crack. It becomes weak and too porous.

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