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The Higher Institute of Communication and Advertising of Lille, created in 2021, organizes a 100% English language course possible from the third year of study. This program makes it possible to develop the communication of big brands, to understand the cultural specifics of English-speaking countries, to integrate Anglo-Saxon communication mechanisms and to build an international professional network. And above all… being able to work in France and around the world.

6 students from all over the world

The opening of this class is in response to strong demand from students and their need to open internationally prepare for multicultural positions. A demand that continues to grow in the world of higher education. But it is also an opportunity for people from abroad to study at ISCOM Lille: in fact, the course counts today 6 students from all over the world : a Lithuanian, a Croatian and four Norwegians in their fourth year.

The orientation fair not to be missed!

We give you an appointment at the Studyrama Commercial Training, Marketing and Communication fair that is being organized in Paris.
A unique opportunity to discover the facilities and discuss with students, education managers and experts to ask them all your questions!

These courses are taught 100% in English led by speakers who are all native speakers of English. Iscomians study communication, creation and marketing there, particularly through the study of consumer habits, the development of discourses and storytelling. Courses dedicated to developing soft skills allow students to learn how to manage stress, be flexible, self-organize and hone their emotional intelligence.

This course is open to out-of-town students who can join the program from their third or fourth year of study. The level of this international class is particularly demanding and requires the student who wants to integrate the course warrant at least a B2 level in English. Given the number of applications received, ISCOM Lille says it is ready to launch a fifth year of International Communications next year.

An international immersion offered by ISCOM Lille: ERASMUS

Arriving at ISCOM Lille in the third year, the student must make an internship, and he has several choices available. The first option open to an Iscomian is the opportunity to do an internship abroad. This international experience allows both to perfect the practice of a foreign language and to discover a new cultural working environment. Internships carried out in Europe may give rise to the award of a scholarship within the framework of Erasmus+ Internship. Destinations praised by students for international internship include United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, Switzerland,…

If the student still wants to study during the internationalization, it is quite possible for him to do a semester abroad at ISCOM Lille partner schools. There are no fees to be paid, on this occasion you can benefit from a grant to finance part of the stay. Additional funding opportunities exist to support the special needs of people with disabilities. At the end of their Erasmus stay, each student receives a semester certificate of their grades. A validated Erasmus exchange semester corresponds to 30 ECTS points Are you made for communication jobs?
Take the test to find out!

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