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Ivory Coast: “From the Houphous to Gbagbo, medical doctors have been routinely recruited”

The doctors were not recruited from Ivory Coast
The doctors were not recruited from Ivory Coast

An unscrupulous doctor made a post that went viral on social media. According to him, from the Houphous to Gbagbo, doctors were recruited automatically.

Some of my readers may wonder why a doctor appears, an individual with such a high degree? Wouldn’t that be a sign of his incompetence? Couldn’t he get a job somewhere else with his big degree? To these questions I will simply answer that a doctorate is a degree, an indicator of skills. In Côte d’Ivoire, we generally do basic research doctorates and not business doctorates like in France or applied research doctorates.

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It is clear that doctors in the Ivory Coast are trained to do research and teach. The most beautiful woman can only give what she has. Adama Diawara knows this, which is why he is also a teacher-researcher. One wonders why he didn’t want to take over after his Ph.D. But let’s continue… In theory, to get a doctorate requires 8 years of study and research, including 3 in the bachelor’s degree, 2 in the master’s degree and 3 in the doctoral cycle.

But with the dysfunctions of the university system and the chronic wickedness of some, it takes 10 to 15 years of study to get this degree in reality. Personally, I typed 12 years of study and research to get mine. After this obstacle course, the doctor can serve in all areas related to his specialty. Moreover, with all these years spent pursuing a doctorate, most doctors become ineligible for most civil service competitions in Côte d’Ivoire due to the age limit.

For all these reasons, from Houphouët-Boigny to Laurent Gbagbo, doctors were automatically recruited if they wanted to behind their protection. All these university professors who make us compose and who play dangerous today have never passed a competition to teach at a university. Furthermore, a PhD is only a degree even if it is the highest degree. It is neither a magic wand nor a free pass that allows you, in Ivory Coast, to have a job in the blink of an eye.

On the contrary, the doctorate becomes a handicap in many cases. Some doctors do not mention in their CVs that they have a doctorate in order not to “frighten” the recruiter when they apply privately. It is really funny to see people like Eddie Brice Gnapia who threw cowries to be recruited into INPHB advising doctors to undertake while they themselves as good hypocrites have chosen the path of public service.

Also, it should be added that money is needed to take over. And precisely money, these doctors who often live in unsafe conditions do not have. No bank agrees to finance a project for the mere presentation of a doctoral degree. Does not exist. Don’t think that doctors are sitting there not pointing fingers. Those who know me in real life know that I am a consultant.

Doctors teach in boutique schools where they are paid 3000 CFA francs/hour and have to wait 3 or 4 months before they get their money. They manage cabins, practice home schooling, do consulting… In fact, they didn’t expect cowards and weak intellectuals like André silver Konan or undignified individuals like Venance Konan to know that they have to sail to eat.

But truth be told, most of the professions practiced by non-recruited doctors are insecure. They do not provide social security guarantees. All men seek to improve their daily lives. In my specialty, I supervised prefects, sub-prefects, gendarmerie brigade commanders, senior civil servants from the administration who came to do their master’s thesis or doctoral thesis…

If these high officials are always looking to improve their living conditions, who aren’t we? No, doctors are not lazy. Those who say so have never done a Ph.D. You have to have done it to know that it’s not just the smartest who get it, but the most consistent.

In short… I would like to tell Adama Diawara that he can use the police, our police to shut us down. But this will not solve the situation. If we go to jail, others will. In the coming days we will still be on the streets if, as in Cameroon, Tunisia and Morocco, the state does not find a final solution to our problem. What are these solutions? Adama Diawara knows them. We sent him dozens of proposals in a written document. But he does not want to implement them, because it would deprive him of the windfall represented by the excessive costs of the races.

To those who say that the state cannot employ everyone, I answer that when the state has no money, it lowers the standard of living. If the state has money for 8400, senators and ministers governors, it is because there is for doctors. Instead of stigmatizing us, holders of BEPC, BAC, BT, BTS, Licence, Master should also mobilize to make the state to do the job a right because all Ivorians have the right to work and Côte d. ‘Ivoire has the tools for that. Yes it is possible.

Unrecruited doctors grateful to Ouattara: “We thank the President of the Republic and his government for the efforts…”

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