Just a few days left to win a scholarship at FWB: What are the brand new standards for this?

home track. He is staying until the end of the week to apply for a scholarship from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The opportunity to recall that for this year 2021-2022 the award criteria have been modified to admit a larger number of beneficiaries.

The circular announcing the new regulations was published at the end of September, while the draft decree regulating student grants of October 18 will only arrive this Tuesday at the Education Committee of the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Funny to see how the applications are processed according to new criteria that have not yet been voted on…

“The decree applies retrospectively”, let’s say to the office of the Minister responsible, Valérie Glatigny (MR). “All measures are favorable for the applicants. The Council of State has therefore allowed the retroactive effect of the device in its opinion.”

Study grants can be awarded to students in secondary and higher education who meet various criteria and conditions, mostly linked to the income of the household they are dependent on.

There are two types of allowances. The variable allowance specifically linked to this income and the lump-sum allowance. In fact, the applicant may be able to benefit from a particular package under certain conditions, particularly if there has been a change in income, for example following a separation, divorce, job loss or death.

The ceiling is raised

As a rule, this lump sum cannot be granted if the eligible income exceeds 150% of the state-defined upper limit.

This year, the bar has been exceptionally raised to 300% so that more households can benefit. “This measure makes it possible to expand the number of possible beneficiaries and counteract the negative socio-economic impact of the health crisis on students and schoolchildren.”emphasizes Minister Valérie Glatigny (MR).

Likewise, the restriction on granting a scholarship for repeating a secondary school class was lifted.

It should be noted that students enrolled in the preparatory years of higher education (e.g. 7th grade math-science) are now eligible to apply for a grant. This is not yet the case for doctoral candidates.

Other new beneficiaries: Stateless schoolchildren and students as well as those entitled to subsidiary protection can also claim study grants like refugees.

Among the innovations we would also like to point out the simplification of the provision regarding cases of joint custody, in response to situations when one of the former spouses refused to provide the documents required for the recognition of the file. From now on, the income of the applicant’s household will be taken into account when dividing the applicant’s tax liability. “Thanks to this new measure, almost 400 applications have already been considered admissible”states the minister.

Parcel in all transports

In addition, the flat rate of 50 euros for holders of an SNCB subscription will be extended to all Belgian public transport companies from this academic year, in order to mitigate the impact of transport costs on students receiving study grants.

As a reminder, the amount of the study grant varies depending on the file, the situation and the legislation in force, from 400 to 5,000 euros for higher education and 90 to 4,000 euros for compulsory education.

All useful information is available via A toll-free number is also available: 0800/11.869.

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