Koudougou: The Norbert Zongo College organizes the particular version of the Literary Cafés of Faso (CaLiFa)

The National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Burkina Faso (ANSAL-BF) dropped off their suitcases in Koudougou on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 for a special edition of the Literary Cafés of Faso (CaLiFa). Through this activity, the academy would like to make itself more visible in the university world of the city of the Red Rider.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism and the Society of Authors and People of Writing and Knowledge (SAGES), ANASAL-BF, through its College of Humanities, Literature, Arts and Culture, hosted its first edition of the Literary Cafes of Faso (CaLiFa ) in the city of the Red Rider. The CaLiFa, organized on Tuesday November 15 at Norbert Zongo University, are literary gatherings aimed at promoting Burkinabe authors and their works.

The aims of this special issue are to make the academy known in the university and school world, to participate in the stimulation of literary life, but also to pay tribute to the three members of the academy who come from the Norbert Zongo University Koudougou. These three personalities, well known to the students, are none other than Pr Issa Abdoul Moumoula, Pr Afsata Paré, who comes from the School of Humanities, Letters, Arts and Culture, and Pr Frédéric Ouattara.

Students mobilized for this first edition of CaLiFa

Like them, this college brings together outstanding researchers and teachers chosen by their pairs in the fields of humanities, arts and culture. “We have decided to organize this event at Norbert Zongo University of Koudougou to honor three members of this academy and exactly two members of the College of Humanities, Letters, Arts and Culture,” affirms Pr Alain Joseph Sissao, President of said college.

For the first-ever Faso Literary Café in Koudougou, Professor Issa Abdoul Moumoula, President of Norbert Zongo University, was delighted with the choice of his institution and the desire to honor the three members of the university to which he belongs. “I invite the students to participate massively in this demonstration and to participate in the awakening of their conscience,” he indicated, welcoming the strong mobilization of the latter.

Prof. Issa Abdoul Moumoula, President of Norbert Zongo University

This special issue of CaLiFa also aims to deal with the literature of the city of Koudougou, in order to introduce the general public to important writers who live there. Angelina Ki / Kantiono was honored with her works in this activity. Also, during this literary gathering, students were treated to a panel discussion and exhibitions of works by famous authors, including Baba Hama.

Everything that makes the heart of the initiator of the Bama Hama Literary Café beat faster. “Eight years after I brought the idea of ​​CaLiFa to life in the Ministry of Education, I am particularly pleased to know that the project is continuing on its happy path and, above all, that many actors in the literary world have taken this project into their own hands.” He continues by showing his satisfaction with the great mobilization of students at Norbert Zongo University.

Former Minister of Culture Baba Hama receives his certificate and trophy

Note that during this special edition of the Literary Cafes, three people were made Honorary Members of the Academy. They are Pr Salaka Sanou, Pr Alain Joseph Sissao and former Minister of Culture Bama Hama.

As a reminder, the National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Burkina Faso was established in June 2013 with the aim of promoting socio-economic development through science, humanities, arts and culture. It consists of five colleges including the Science and Technology College; the College of Humanities, Arts, Literature and Culture; the College of Law, Politics, Economics and Management; the College of Human and Animal Health Sciences and the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, including Burkinabè members.

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