Lack of scholar support: this mom opens a rental residence in Normandy

Magali Lucas and Loïc Lucas.
Magali and her son Loïc, who, after studying psychology, did not obtain the desired master’s degree with distinction. ©EG

His sixth year has started gained, 23, learned that he was no longer eligible for a scholarship. What could a disabled mother do in the face of the destitute situation of her son, who is an assistant director in his third year of film school? Magaliresidents of Beuzeville (Eur) 53 years old, took the lead and chose itOpen a kitten for his son with the title “Urgent, student without means. “She’s not the only one: “It’s amazing, on Leetchi, how many pots are calling for help for students,” notes Michel, the father.

“Maybe people will give, we don’t know, we have to try everything,” thought the very worried mother. Eventually, Erwan found that it was a “good way of conveying the situation of the students”. From the beginning of his studies, Erwann Tier 4 granteeand received about 420 euros per month.

“If I can, I pay him money, here 50 or 100 euros, but I couldn’t give him 400 euros a month. »

Magali, the student’s mother

She receives the AAH and a disability award, and Michel is retired.

Problem: For the license level, the CROUS up to five scholarship rights to students. After graduating from high school, Erwann began studying computer science at the University of Le Havre. “I didn’t like it at all. So the following year, he began studying marketing and communications, which he completed for two years. “I met people there who studied film and I was really excited. With the communication diploma in his pocket, he once again reorientated himself for a three-year film school. Training price: €8,000 per year.

A loan of 24,000 euros

Erwant therefore takes out a loan of 24,000 euros from a bank to finance his three years, which are still at a Bac +3 level. This year he chose the Specialization assistant director. “And there I am no longer eligible for the scholarship because it is my sixth year, while the scholarships are for five years. I was notified throughout the year. “Stop his training? Impossible after so much investment.

He is happy to have already completed five years of study. However, the future assistant director finds it a pity that students like him, who are looking for their own path and are reorienting themselves, don’t see the scholarships to the end:

“We don’t have the right to mess up if we don’t have a lot of resources. »


The shopping budget has doubled

This year the CROUS could only awardone-time grant of 400 € to Erwan. The young man had an appointment at his bank to borrow more to meet his needs. Otherwise he will look for a student job. “But it’s complicated because the school requires a lot of presence and we often use weekends and holidays for our projects. Things and encounters would pass me by if I was working. Cinema is a profession where the network counts,” explains Erwann.

Videos: currently on Actu

The combination of studies and work can prove to be disadvantageous both for the studies and for later professional life. Having tough weeks is not trivial. “For a month and a half during my communications studies, I worked on Thursday and Saturday afternoons, but I stopped because it was super exhausting and I was beside my push-ups half the time for homework,” says the student. “It’s a shame that working while studying has become the norm. »

On the other hand, he regularly works during the summer holidays: cinema, teleprospection, handling… But even that is not enough.

Erwan considers himself lucky because he eats his fill, if it is complicated for other students with a scholarship. “But I can’t afford to buy a lot of meat, it will be things like pasta and rice. Especially since prices have gone up there. Compared to €30 to €35 a week last year, I’m getting €55 or even €60 this year for the same things, he compares. One evening fits into the budget and pays for itself over the whole month, it depends on the effort. »

Magali, her mother, concludes and, like many others, denounces the inadequacy of the help given to the students: “We impoverish them, we starve them when it comes to tomorrow’s society. »

No master despite mentioning Bien

Michel and Magali have another son, Erwann’s twin brother: Loïc. Since the beginning of the school year he has been living with his parents again, completely dependent on them. It’s not because he wanted to continue his studies. After a three-year bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Rouen, from which he graduated with honors, Loïc was denied admission to the master’s degree in clinical psychology he coveted. “I wanted to be a psychologist,” says the young man. Loïc appealed. He was then offered masters degrees in industrial or social psychology, but those degrees “are not in my area of ​​expertise.” So he turned down those offers. Loïc now wants to get started as a personal development coach in order to pursue his project, “which means helping people”.
The lack of master’s degree places is important in psychology. According to Loïc, from the beginning of the year the teachers recommended that the students have a plan B. A functioning that his mother regrets: “We put them in a system and then we close the doors …”

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