Large risk from human excrement: the College of Yaoundé 1 is in search of a savior

The partially defective sewage systems and the isolated collection latrines in deplorable condition are enough to inundate the “mother of Cameroonian universities” with the plague, a permanent environmental and health hazard.

The lack of initial equipment at Yaoundé 1 University, in the Ngoa-Ekelle district, is certainly an old sea snake, but despite all this, should we remain with a rather serious expression given the magnitude of this situation and its consequences? , both in terms of the environment and health? No, you have to put your finger where the shoe pinches, because today both staff and students face serious threats in what has become a very polluted environment.

And with good reason, those in charge of this university institution have still not thought of putting modern toilets at his disposal to replace the Methuselah latrines, some of which still exist are just purulent wounds on his body. They are the ones who exhale the stench, along with that from the sewers.

How many students are there who, despite the preferential prices there, cannot afford the “luxury” of eating in any university canteen, even when they are very hungry? How many spend years at UY I without touching the surroundings of lecture hall 700. “It’s shit in these places,” shouts one student.

And under such conditions, it’s not uncommon for a student to “do what he or she can to go about their business, even if it’s outdoors,” a source protests. and so we wonder if it’s good from the concerned University of Yaoundé 1, this national symbol of higher education and form of eminent intellectuals and national researchers and strangers.

All things that convey a very unattractive image that is in stark contrast to the prestige through the world this great place of knowledge What of the construction project from 80 bath which would have been confirmed by the current rector this university, Professor Maurice Aurélien Sosso, a few months ago?

Matching solutions

Are the problem of lack of toilets and even faucets on campuses being simply ignored or misdiagnosed by UYI officials? In any case, today there is an urgent need for the rector to reconsider his administrative policy, in order to encourage fruitful efforts to find suitable solutions to these lack of amenities, which have already been the soft shadow of this university for several years.

The financial difficulties of those in charge of the University of Yaoundé1 are the fate of everyone else. So the rector should not try to make an argument from the imitation of funds to justify that this failure is due to the mismanagement that plagues this university ‘ a source said on condition of anonymity.

She adds that it is only the lack of will of those in charge of the UYI that leads to this situation, especially since the latter is able to invest enough resources to guarantee everyone the right to quality equipment.

In our country, why should “that seen there” not correspond to “that designed here”? “It is unacceptable that the mother of universities in Cameroon has practically no toilets,” said one trade unionist on condition of anonymity. And he continues: “May this spectacle of shame and despair end”. One scandal too many, a student will say after the noisy termination of the dissertation.

Instead of continuing to make old bones at the helm of Yaoundé 1 University, the current rector, unable to give it the prestige and shine it deserves, should not give way to a more dynamic, innovative and efficient man ?

Why shouldn’t the Head of State take the necessary measures to put an end to this disorder, which has found good but worse breeding ground in this university? Given that, like all infrastructure that can be attributed to Professor Aurélien Sosso, the design of his office, even if the building in which it is located has not received a brushstroke at the rear, is very long ago. Be continued.

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