Laval College desires to lift 80 million for a pavilion for the Faculty of Worldwide Research

Laval University (UL) on Wednesday launched an ambitious fundraiser to build a new International Affairs Pavilion. The latter must become the “poster child” of its planetary influence and increase the prestige of the national capital on the world stage.

According to Principal Sophie D’Amours, this is a big project that is taking root at Laval University and will likely resonate beyond the borders of Quebec and even Canada. The latter did not hide her enthusiasm. “Today is one of those days when you get up with a happy heart,” she said at the beginning of the speech.

The University of Québec intends to build a “signature pavilion” on its campus to house the School of International Studies, a center whose origins date back to the 1960s and which today brings together more than 70 professors from 10 different faculties. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.

“This is a project that will change the university,” believes Mme From loved ones. It will crystallize its international character and make it shine on the world stage. »

To fund what the rector is calling “a big dream,” the university opened a fundraiser Wednesday morning with a goal of $80 million by 2026.

“It’s ambitious, but realistic,” says the Rector. Laval University has already raised half of the amount, thanks in particular to a $27.7 million contribution from the Quebec government.

Mulroney intervenes

To support them in this fundraiser, the university can count on one of its most famous alumni, Brian Mulroney, as Honorary President. UL plans to name the upcoming international center in honor of the former PM.

The latter says he believes Quebec can and should think big in international affairs, even dreaming that one day a Quebecer will take the helm of the United Nations. “Why not? says the man who led Canada from 1984 to 1993, when the West had to navigate between historic inflation, the decline of the Soviet empire against the backdrop of the Cold War, and a series of humanitarian crises fueled by countless conflicts.

Quebec City, he says, has all the qualities to become a “world reference on international issues” and an “open window on the world.” He dreams that the international crossroads will make it possible to irrigate the international politics of Quebec and Canada, but also to welcome the planet’s luminaries to the national capital.

The former head of state brought back his memories and in particular recalled that the city of Quebec has already hosted events that have changed the world. It was at Château Frontenac, said Mr. Mulroney, that North American free trade germinated after a meeting with former US President Ronald Reagan.

“Today are the three countries that are part of NAFTA [devenu ACEUM en 2020] bring together 500 million people, or 7% of the world’s population, but together they produce 28% of the planet’s wealth,” emphasizes the honorary president of the fundraiser. It’s not that bad for a little guy from Baie-Comeau! »

The amount raised through the fundraiser will also contribute to a scholarship program close to the heart of the former progressive-conservative prime minister, who advocates for more democratization of international affairs.

“By offering recruitment grants and creating a new research chair, we will provide remarkable opportunities for students to access stimulating careers,” said Mr. Mulroney.

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