Laval College goals to boost $80 million to teach Quebec worldwide leaders

Université Laval launches its major international Brian Mulroney Carrefour campaign with the ambitious goal of raising $80 million, which will allow Quebec to “take more space” internationally.

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If the goal of this fundraiser, which officially begins today, Wednesday, is not lacking in reach, then so are the ambitions the former Prime Minister of Canada has for his alma mater.

Mr Mulroney, who is leading this campaign, which will last almost five years, believes the initiative will make it possible to train “international French-speaking Quebec executives” who will be able to fill key positions “in 10-15 years”.

He also draws a parallel with the creation of the Francophonie Summit in the 1980s, his “first gesture at international level”.

“We already had a Secretary General of Francophonie who was Quebecois [NDLR: Michaëlle Jean]. And I ask myself the question. Why not a United Nations Secretary-General in Quebec? Or why not a NATO Secretary General [venant] from Laval University?” he allows himself to dream.

It is therefore this motivation to see Quebec playing a bigger role internationally that guides Mr. Mulroney, because right now “we are not here, we are not present,” he recalls. “Quebec still occupies a modest place internationally today.”

The man who ruled the country from 1984 to 1993 believes that there are “many places where Quebec should be present” and that we are “preparing to be chosen” in creating this International Crossroads.

In particular, the $80 million collection will “allow the construction of the Carrefour International Brian-Mulroney, which will house the Graduate School of International Studies (ESEI) and bring together under one roof the driving forces of international studies at Université Laval. , according to the press release of the university.

Mr Mulroney recalls that the project will also make it possible to set up “a state-of-the-art laboratory for simulations of international organizations, research chairs on topics such as global governance, global security, ethics and international justice”.

“We will invite the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Director-General of NATO, the President of the United States,” says Mr. Mulroney, a 1963 law graduate from Laval University. We will invite them to important conferences, to important visits, so that they can become temporary teachers. We want Laval to be known internationally as a privileged place for those who [prennent de] great responsibility in international organizations.”

  • The project includes the construction of a new signature pavilion on campus.
  • This innovation center aims to bring together the driving forces in international studies and to increase the profile of Quebec and Canadian Francophonie abroad.
  • The Brian-Mulroney International Crossroads’ major campaign aims to raise $80 million over the next five years.
  • The Quebec government announced a $27.75 million contribution to the project last June.
  • It also raised $10 million thanks to multiple donors.

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