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The department will allocate a sum of 100,000 dinars to professors and researchers whose students manage to set up businesses…

All possibilities to strengthen the development of entrepreneurship in Algeria should now be examined. In this perspective, the Department of Higher Education becomes a link between the academic world and the world of work. In addition to the investment and business start-up facilities introduced by the new provisions of the Investment Law, the state has decided to deepen its support for young project leaders. In this regard, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has decided to “provide a financial allocation of 100,000 dinars in favor of professors and supervised researchers whose students are able to start businesses”. It must be said that this measure reinforces the emergence of a business climate that meets the demands of economic recovery and confirms the opening that is taking place at all levels to promote the implementation of the government’s action plan. The latter aims to build a strong business fabric capable of meeting the challenges of economic diversification, revitalizing national production and developing investment centers. The application of these measures shows the real changes in terms of governance and forecasting. Supporting professors falls into this scenario with a view to building a culture of entrepreneurship among young university students to enable them to participate in the reconstruction of the country. Against this background, the Mcsrs specifies in a press release that “this approach is an encouragement for professors and permanent researchers to supervise students who are doing their theses within the framework of the project “University Diploma – Emerging Enterprise”. It should be agreed that with the various investment subsidy schemes, the promotion of self-employment and the provision of leave in favor of workers to start their own business, all measures converge towards a veritable explosion in wealth creation. A bridging head start through efforts to clean up and fight bureaucracy and corruption, but also through the establishment of a real legal arsenal dedicated to the rigorous application of these policies. It is precisely at this level and through these results that the economic landscape has gained credibility and trust. Suffice it to say that the country’s economic recovery rests on the commitment of all sectors to join their efforts for a real economic transition, especially since the global economic situation offers real opportunities for development and growth and an updating of a significant level of economic institutions and mechanisms for company formation.
Thus, the Ministry of Higher Education “has started the development of an organizational text project that will allow professors and supervised researchers, whose students could create start-ups benefiting from the “Label Start-up Entreprise”, to receive financial support of one hundred thousand dinars (100,000 DZD) for any project that meets the above condition, provided that this procedure does not exceed two projects for each coach during one academic year”.

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