Local weather programs have gotten obligatory on the College of Barcelona

For several days, a student demonstration calling for an end to the exploitation of fossil fuels paralyzed the University of Barcelona. After an exchange with the demonstrators, the institution announces the establishment of mandatory courses on the climate crisis from 2024.

This is a victory for the End Fossil activists! At the University of Barcelona, ​​the 14,000 students in all programs will benefit from a compulsory course on the challenges of the climate crisis from 2024. This educational innovation is accompanied by a comprehensive support system for all employees of the facility.

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Climate: After the cast of End Fossil, the University of Barcelona gets involved

The announcement of the creation of mandatory courses on climate change comes after an exchange between the University of Barcelona and protesters from the End Fossil Barcelona association. The latter had actually already occupied the premises of the institution for seven days.

However, the activists were supported by many professors, including Federico Demaria, an economics teacher. He is one of 200 professors who supported the students’ application. In an interview with The Guardian, he explains that this commitment to raising awareness of climate-related issues ” marks a profound paradigm shift in higher education. (…) This shows a real culture change. 15 years ago the university would have sent the police. From now on, you can’t deport them because you know they’re right and the company supports them. »

Committed activist and PhD student Lucía Muñoz Sueir welcomes this decision, arguing that this is not just another sustainability course. ” It combines the social and ecological dimensions of a crisis », two strongly connected dimensions.

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On the way to mandatory climate courses in France?

In France, young people have spoken out on many occasions to demonstrate their commitment to the green transition. Moreover, it is often the voice that is heard on these issues. Sylvie Retailleau, Minister for Higher Education and Research, has also announced its intention to deployat all universities, from 2023 courses on the subject of climate and environmental crisis.

It must be said that educating new generations, senior decision-makers in companies, is one of the keys to helping society transform itself. By including this dimension in all training, the government ensures that enlightened managers are trained who will engage in the green transition of companies.

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