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Macron bans dwelling education apart from well being causes from 2021

POLITICS – This is the flagship measure announced by Emmanuel Macron during his speech on “separatism”, renamed “Republic in Action”, this Friday, October 2 in Les Mureaux (Yvelines).

Among the “5 pillars” on which the Head of State wants to rely in order to win back neighborhoods and individuals inclined to “separate from the Republic” is the school. “It is our republican crisis”, “our common”, defended Emmanuel Macron describing the school as the place “where we force consciences” and where children learn citizenship.

“50,000 children out of school”

“We have seen movements, deviations,” Emmanuel Macron said after three years of work on home-school leavers. “50,000 children attend school at home, a number that increases every year”, the head of state regrets, noting “repeated absences” or “certificates given for chlorine allergy” that end in abandonment to “structures of undeclared”.

“I took a decision that was probably one of the most radical since the law of 1882 (the ferry law making education compulsory, editor’s note) or that of diversity in school in 1969,” warns Emmanuel Macron in the preamble of the announcement of his. major. . “Learning at school will be compulsory for everyone in 2021”, announces the head of state who warns: education at home will be limited to health imperatives.

Emmanuel Macron pleaded on Friday to “learn more Arabic at school” or “in an extracurricular program that we own” because “our youth is also rich with this pluralistic culture”, during a speech in Les Mureaux (Yvelines).

The state should also “engage and support what in our country should allow a better understanding of Islam to appear,” added the head of state, announcing the creation of a “scientific institute of Islamology” and “additional posts in education high”. “.

Associations under observation

“We are changing the paradigm”, assumes Emmanuel Macron strong from this small revolution in education. “This project is extremely ambitious and is an essential pillar of our strategy,” he boasted before dwelling on other topics, such as the possibility of disbanding radical associations or the framing of foreign funding for places of worship.

Emmanuel Macron specifically asserted that “any association seeking a subsidy from the state or a local authority” must sign a “contract respecting the values ​​of the Republic” representing a “secularism charter”.

The grounds for dissolution of associations, so far “very limited”, will also be “expanded” to include “attack on the dignity of the person” or “psychological or physical pressure”, he added, judging “quite logical that those who hold this project of Islamic separatism have invested the associative field” which they have identified as “the most effective space for the spread of their ideas”.

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