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Media: African journalists knowledgeable about Chinese language historical past and politics

The online training brought together media professionals from a number of countries, including the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tunisia and Senegal, and provided participants with a basic knowledge of the development of journalism in China. It also aimed to promote understanding, recognition and mutual appreciation of journalistic concepts between China and African countries; Establishing a platform for journalistic exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, as well as sharing with participants about China’s anti-poverty philosophy and successful practices.

Thus, for almost two weeks, the knights of the pen and the microphone followed several conferences developed by specialists in communication and journalism, as well as international relations and university professors. Among the themes developed, we can cite the situation in China: depicting the political, social and historical development; Media Convergence and Omnimedia Ecology in China: Outlining the Innovation of Media Convergence and the Construction of Omnimedia Ecology. The participants were also informed about the international journalism practiced by the Chinese media: presentation of the process of international news coverage by the Chinese media; History and development of Chinese online media: Description of the emergence, development and prospects of Chinese online media; Increasing global influence through new media technology: An overview of the use of new media to increase global media influence.

Build a trading platform

Other topics focused on the commercialization of Chinese television media; the history and perspectives of the Sino-African relationship; China’s philosophy and successful practices in poverty alleviation; new opportunities for media cooperation between China and African countries created by the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Speaking on behalf of the Congolese participants, VOX TV Managing Director Arsène Sévérin Ngouela said that this seminar enabled them to correct mistakes in writing press articles or reports about China. “Far from being just a mirror of amusement, this online training was on the contrary very useful for us journalists in Congo-Brazzaville. We hope that this exchange can continue with our colleagues from other countries through a solid and dynamic platform. In the hope that the health situation in China will improve, next time we want to take part in this seminar in person, face to face, on site in Beijing to discuss with our Chinese media colleagues who were introduced to us. in these two weekshe wished.

Concluding the process, CICG Vice Director Hengtian Li recalled that China-Africa cooperation has become more intense in recent years, and is being greatly strengthened in terms of infrastructure, education, training and human exchanges. Both sides should strive for more dialogue, discussion, communication and cooperation. Therefore, there is a need to build a bridge that will allow all countries to understand and improve relationships with countries around the world. “Today we find that the voice of developing countries is relatively weak. We must strengthen media exchanges and communication between China and Africa to facilitate understanding; strengthen our friendship, our cooperation, because it will help us to protect and defend our common interests on the international stage.”he pointed out.

According to Hengtian Li, this seminar is an important opportunity for African journalists to learn more about China’s development. It created a solid platform for friendship and discussion, he continued. “I believe that through this program we can gain a deeper understanding of the development of Chinese media. We hope that the Chinese and African media can unite to continuously improve our mutual understanding and strengthen our friendly feelings.”he concluded, assuring that China is willing to make proposals to deepen Sino-Africa cooperation with a win-win outcome.

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