Monetary assist for the college: “Lastly heard”

The rectorate announced this Wednesday additional state and regional aid for December to support the University of Reunion. It is therefore a total release of 10.27 million euros for the completion of the 2022 budget. Here is the university’s response:

After more than a year of warnings about the financial situation of the institution, which was experiencing difficulties due to late recoveries of funds managed by the regional community and the rectorate, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) intervened with the Regional Council and the Academy of La Réunion reimburses the University of La Réunion 10.27 million euros.

Since November 2021, the University of Réunion has constantly alerted the regional authority, as well as the Réunion Academy, to their liquidity difficulties due to late repayments of ERDF funds and loans from the recovery plan, as well as the convergence and transformation contract of the two institutions.

The institution, which had a comfortable cash flow, has received numerous advances in funds, both for the structuring of research projects for the area (with ERDF funds) and for university infrastructure (loans from the recovery plan and the Convergence and Transformation) for the development of the campuses .

Unfortunately, the delay in repaying these advances – which are nevertheless the subject of several agreements signed between the parties – put the University of Reunion in a precarious financial situation towards the end of the year.

The commitment of the establishment and the mobilization of the presidential team made it possible to free up 10.27 million euros to be able to approach the deal with more composure
of the 2022 budget.

The receipt of the amounts due is the result of a strong mobilization by the institution, which has alerted the Region and the Academy on numerous occasions and which recently adopted a motion at the Board of Directors to ask funders to expedite the recovery of incurred and eligible expenses.

The University of La Réunion welcomes the intervention of the MESR and welcomes the release of these funds. She hopes for a quick payment in order to be able to redeem the salaries of the civil servants
Agents in December and the payment of more than 3 million euros
many providers (more than 500).
The institution also very positively welcomes the mission of the Ministry’s General Inspectorate, whose support should make it possible to ensure the entire process of management of these highly technical means, involving the Regional Council, the State Services and the University.

Finally, in the 2023 financial year, the University of La Réunion will be very vigilant so that future amounts to be collected are collected within deadlines compatible with good project management by all parties.

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