monetary help for the beginning of college

In addition to the provision of certain services free of charge, families can take advantage of a wide range of financial aid from the state to cover the costs of caring for their children and their subsequent schooling from kindergarten to university.

From the time they enter kindergarten until their children finish higher education, local families and cross-border workers are entitled to a range of financial aids, which come in a variety of forms, throughout their school years.

Voucher for the reception service. Before school age, parents of children who are enrolled in a private mini-nursery with an Education and Care Service (SEA) recognized by the Department of National Education, Children and Youth, or who are cared for by an approved Educational Assistant, may benefit from the admission service- Check (CSA).

This system, which requires membership, allows parents to significantly reduce the cost of caring for their children, on a scale that varies according to household income but also according to the child’s position in the community siblings and the type of structure frequented.

To join the service, residents only have to go to the municipality or contact the Caisse pour l’avenir des enfants (CAE) for frontier workers. The CSA are valid from 0 to 12 years and thus also cover the services of the relay houses and school dormitories outside of school hours.

family allowances. They support families with their day-to-day expenses related to child support and are open to residents and cross-border workers. From birth to age 18 – or longer if the young adult is still enrolled in secondary school – a monthly allowance of 285.41 euros are provided for each child from 0 to 5 years. Between 6 and 11 years it costs 306.98 euros, from 12 years 339.26 euros.

The application must be submitted to the CAE for both residents and cross-border workers. The children of the frontier worker’s spouse or PACS partner may be entitled to this allowance provided they can prove that the latter assumes their responsibilities and is responsible for their maintenance.

back-to-school grant. The back-to-school grant is paid out by the CAE each summer at the end of August, along with the family grants, and gives families a real boost when it comes to filling their school bags with school supplies.

The amount is fixed per child and varies according to age: It is therefore 115 euros for a student aged 6 and over and 235 euros for a young person aged 12 and over. Parents receive it automatically, without any special procedure, and it is not dependent on income.

If your child was born at the end of the year and therefore enters in the second cycle of basic education without having reached the age of six on September 15, a school certificate must be sent to the CAE, which will make the payment.

AideFi for students: Note the deadlines

Scholarship. For university studies, the scholarship system takes the place of family allowances, which automatically end in July of the year in which the young person reaches the age of majority. Founded in 2010, this financial support called “AideFi” is divided into two parts: the scholarship itself and the opportunity to take out a 2% student loan.

While the amount of these two components varies according to numerous criteria – including taxable household income, place of study or enrollment fees – all AideFi-eligible students are automatically granted a basic scholarship of 1,142 euros per semester.

For the most financially vulnerable families, a social subsidy of up to 2 210 added per semester. And for students who go abroad, a mobility grant of 1 420 euros planned per semester. Good to know : All financial support can be estimated online using a simulator.

The application must be made every semester and is made directly on-line via – respect the applicable deadlines. For this winter semester, the forms must be submitted by April 30 November.

For more information on all of these tools and the procedures involved, log on to the following websites:

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