Montreal Universities | A brand new principal at McGill, a brand new name for functions at UQAM

None of the applications submitted for the post of rector of the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) were accepted. The institution therefore restarted the process when McGill University appointed the President of Dalhousie University as its head.

Vincent Larin

Vincent Larin
The press

In the case of Downtown University, the news came Monday via press release.

After a meeting on Nov. 10, the institution’s selection committee to choose its next head decided “not to recommend to the board any of the candidates for the office of rector or vice-chancellor.”

It is specified that this decision was taken “after having read all the information brought to his attention, having met the groups concerned by the consultation process and having analyzed the results of the consultation of the university community”.

Two candidates had gone through all the steps so far, that of Catherine Mounier, Director of the Department of Life Sciences, and that of Vice-Rector for Academic Life, Jean-Christian Pleau.

At least a precedent

“The discussions we had with the various groups of UQAM did not allow us to reach a consensus for one or the other candidate,” summarized the chairman of the UQAM board and member of the selection committee, Simon Prévost, in one Interview .

A new call for applications will therefore be launched both internally and externally in the coming weeks.

Mr Prévost stressed that this was not an “unprecedented” situation as the current Rector, Magda Fusaro, was also appointed following a second call for applications.

While the latter’s term ends on January 7th, the UQAM Board will appoint an interim rector on December 8th.

McGill chooses his next leader

Meanwhile, on Monday, McGill University announced the appointment of Prof. H. Deep Saini as rector and vice chancellor. He will serve a renewable five-year term beginning January 1, 2019ah next April.


H. Deep Saini, the new rector and vice chancellor of McGill University

The latter has a long track record, particularly internationally, where he has assumed the roles of President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra.

Raised in India, where he earned an MSc in Botany from Punjab Agricultural University, H. Deep Saini later moved to Australia where he earned his PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of Adelaide.

He is fluent in four languages, including French.

Mr. Saini is currently President and Vice Chancellor of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

“H. Deep Saini stands out for his ability to combine the skills needed to exercise strong academic leadership with the deep knowledge needed for a global perspective. His appointment is a wise decision for the university as it approaches its third century,” said McGill University Board of Governors Chairwoman Maryse Bertrand in a press release.

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