Name for IFEA grants 2023

The French Institute for Andean Studies (IFEA) offers four types of grants to support research in the life sciences, social sciences and humanities. Application deadline: December 15, 2022.

Andean Scholarships

Experienced researchers : for graduates with a doctorate, researchers (with a recognized background) who have a contract in an institution or university professors (with many years of academic experience).

young researchers : for students enrolled in their final year of master’s or doctoral studies

These grants are intended for researchers of Bolivian, Colombian, Ecuadorian or Peruvian nationality who are conducting their research in one of the four countries where IFEA conducts its activities.

More information by downloading the tender.

Carlos Brignardello Archeology Grants

Students of French or European nationality enrolled for a doctorate in a French institution.

Students of Peruvian nationality Masters or PhD enrolled.

Candidates must present an original research project, which necessarily involves field research in Peru.

More information by downloading the tender.

Mobility assistance grants.

Field research grants intended for PhD students enrolled in any of the disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences or Life Sciences in a dissertation (2023 – 2024), these grants will be awarded over a period from Q2 2023 to December 31st distributed, 2024, depending on the sanitary conditions prevailing in the Andean region.

Applications for the “Mobility Aid 2022” grants are open to European Union nationals, provided they are French speakers and enrolled at a French university.

Candidates present an original research project in archeology (excluding Peruvian country) or in humanities or social sciences with field research to be carried out in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru (or in several of these countries).

More information by downloading the tender.

Gerald Taylor Scholarships

First call for this grant in honor of Gérald Taylor, one of the most important researchers of Peruvian culture, who died in Paris on April 1, 2020. Born in Australia in 1933, the linguist and philologist will be remembered for having completed the most complete translation of the “Huarochirí Manuscripts” and for making a tremendous contribution to the study of Quechua.

The aim of the scholarship is to fund a research project and the associated field research related to indigenous or autochthonous languages ​​from a humanities and social science perspective from the 2nd quarter of 2023 to December 31, 2024. Applicants are: Bolivian, Colombian, Ecuadorian or Peruvian students Nationality enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program and French or European students enrolled in French institutions.

More information by downloading the tender.

Call for IFEA grants 2023

It is important to note that in addition to participating in the scientific activities of the institute (such as at the meetings of young scientists), the scholarship holders must submit a scientific text (article, monograph, etc.), which will be prepared and evaluated by the IFEA Editorial Board finally released.

IFEA organizes an annual meeting of fellows to present a collective framework for Andean-scale scientific work, which may lead to proposals for study days at IFEA.

With regard to Peru, the support also includes the use of the facilities (researcher workroom and reading room of the Carlos Brignardello Library). In Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, institutional support is provided by our partners (French Embassy and Research Institute for Development).

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