NASA engineer Farah Alibay receives an honorary doctorate from UQO

Farah Alibay, an aerospace engineer at NASA who was thrust into the spotlight after participating in the mission march 2020came to congratulate the graduates and receive the honorary doctorate of theUQO.

Farah Alibay speaks at a ceremony.

Farah Alibay spoke to UQO graduates and gave them some advice for the rest of their careers.

Photo: Radio Canada / Felix Desroches

In a speech full of humor and wit, with her usual sense of communication and quick-wittedness, the 34-year-old Quebecer said she was very moved by this award.

When I told one of my friends that I was getting an honorary doctorate, she replied: Isn’t that for old people? Of course she was joking, but it shows you how humbled it is to receive this honor today. »

A quote from Farah Alibay receiving her honorary doctorate from UQO

The importance of persevering

Farah Alibay took the opportunity to reach out to the students and offer them some advice, particularly on the importance of perseverance. As dazzling as her career is, she also went through difficult times during her studies.

My first year at university was very tough. There were times when I wanted to leave, when I asked myself: Have I set my sights too high, are these dreams too crazy?she explained in an interview with Mathieu Nadon in the Ottawa-Gatineau Téléjournal.

Got help, tried again and it workedShe added.

Farah Alibay standing, with seated people applauding her.

Farah Alibay explained to the UQO students that although her journey seems dazzling, she too has faced obstacles and setbacks.

Photo: Radio Canada / Felix Desroches

The aerospace engineer said she was very impressed that these students graduated amid a pandemic.

While recent provincial results in Ontario show a sharp drop in math scores, Farah Alibay had a message for these young people who may be feeling discouraged.

The note, it doesn’t matter, that they got through it all is unbelievable, I tell them, go ahead, it’s ok, we’ll leave it, it’ll be fineShe said.

Régine Laurent was also honored

During the ceremony, theUQO also awarded Régine Laurent an honorary doctorate.

The Québec native from Port-au-Prince in Haiti was, at the request of Québec Prime Minister François Legault, chairman of the special commission for children’s rights and youth protection.

Earlier in her career, she also served as Chair of the Fédération des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec.

I am happy and moved to be honored by Université du Québec en Outaouais. It moves me all the more to stand in front of students from three disciplines that focus on peoplesaid Régine Laurent, targeting social work, nursing and industrial relations graduates.

The choice of your field of study is not innocent. So I wish you the energy, the courage to go your own way.She added.

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