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Nationwide Rugby Day 11: v Bourg, SCA should be on their habits (group)

Lost in their trip last weekend to Tarbes (21-6 loss), Sporting Club Albigensian dropped to ten points from the National podium, welcomes co-leaders, Bourg-en-Bresse, on Saturday 26 November at 18:00 , at the Municipal Stadium in Albi.




It was Mathieu Bonello’s “thank you” to the supporters who had made the trip, who were presented late Tuesday afternoon at the traditional weekly press conference. “We all went together, the staff and the players, next to our game, we fully assume. We must be able to continue our march forward. We also get collective experience, let players play and we move forward in our choices. However, I will refrain from judging some just over 80 minutes. The main lesson is that we were not present at the engagement and that is a bit problematic, especially with players who are supposed to have played a little. Defeated 21-6 on November 19 on the lawn of the Maurice-Trélut stadium in Tarbes, SCA not only missed the opportunity to topple a new invincibility, after the performance won two weeks ago against Valence-Romans, but could not. wins away from home. Zero wins away from the Stadium since the start of the season, a problem that currently puts the Yellows, unbeaten at home, in fifth place in the standings, ten points off the podium occupied by three co-leaders, including ‘US Bressane’. , the next opponent. “It’s a very big team coming out of Pro D2 with high ambitions, making their ambitions loud and clear to come back straight away, so we know we have a very big part coming to the Stadium “..

“This game is behind us”

On Saturday, November 26, Tarnais will aim to give a smile to their loyal supporters disappointed by the performance in Hautes-Pyrénées, but also find themselves bringing a high-intensity match with commitment and discipline. “When you get on a rugby field and you don’t want to go to war and get involved, you don’t move forward. You don’t win tackles so the referee necessarily rewards the team that advances and we don’t think we were prepared to play a game of rugby in Tarbes. Everyone was not on the same wavelength that day, we told each other things in the dressing room, now this match is behind us., warns the third Hugo Boutin. Sporting Club Albigensian, which stayed in a good dynamic gained during the last block of matches, ensures that its recent poor performance does not put anything in doubt. The manager insisted on the fact that he would not close his group since December and therefore intends to give a second chance to those who did not know how to catch the first weekend, last. However, Saturday’s starting XV should look more like the one that has lined up regularly since the start of the season.


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