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New signature – The Collège de Rimouski is current in your future

Present for your future, the common identity of the components of the Collège de Rimouski is now reaffirmed loud and clear, namely the Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ), the Cégep de Rimouski and the Center matapédien d’études colleges (CMEC ). This new signature thus underscores the unity, complementarity and shared mission of the three institutions and underscores the unique college experience offered there.

present for your future
This is a phrase rich in potential and meaning. The present offers us its three facets: that of the human presence, that of the present and that of the gift. The temporality of this signature, linking the present and the future, testifies to a lasting and impressive bond and a constant desire for innovation. Present for your future, it’s the promise of always being there, both for the students, for the staff, or for our community. It means reaping the fullest of the transition to college, offering the gift of education, and helping to create a renewed future filled with opportunity.

“This signing is who we are and what we offer. We’re not limited to a set of words or a graphic identity. This promise, embodied by the members of our teams, is a daily beacon. It is reflected in our actions and guides us in our decisions. At the Collège de Rimouski, a bond is formed between all members of our community. This complicity is primarily reflected in people letting you know that their arms and door will always be open. Our promise is to share experiences and take advantage of the best your college career has to offer, all in the present moment! Yes, the diploma is important, but the way to get there is even more important,” says François Dornier, Director General of the Collège de Rimouski.

A signature in line with our values

“It was important for us to do things in the right order, starting with the recognition of the key values ​​held by our community: humanity, commitment, innovation. Our teams are built on these three foundations. It is therefore in complete accord with those values ​​that the promise to be present for your future was then revealed,” explains Mr. Dornier.

“For the IMQ, Present for your future is just as important. Our national school, which welcomes students from across Quebec and around the world, is an incredible place of human encounters and a very innovative place of learning. Each cohort of each of our regular education or training programs, each unique to Quebec, leaves here enriched by the latest knowledge, of course, but most importantly by the experience lived at IMQ. Our industry, which has been involved with us from the beginning of one of our courses, is also present for the future of our successors! says Mélanie Leblanc, director of the Institut maritime du Québec.

At the CMEC, it is the family spirit that animates the decor of the Vallée de la Matapédia that makes it famous. “Knowing our young people by their first names, being aware of their challenges and strengths, tailoring the college experience to their needs, that’s what we’ve always done. So Present for your future, it is consistent with who we already are,” adds Annie Lydia Gallant, Director of CMEC.

Kurt Vignola, the College’s Director of Studies, emphasizes the diversity of college paths offered at Cégep and the ability to offer a variety of meaningful educational experiences in the context of ever-changing student expectations. “Our next generation must create a path in their image. We can answer that. Our teaching teams are constantly innovating to offer educational activities or laboratories that meet industry, workplace and university expectations. Our support resources, on the other hand, strive to offer adaptive measures to encourage each individual’s success according to their personal goals,” he says.

Live a rich experience and enjoy the present moment

What unites the three institutions of the college is a deep desire to make all educational experiences a rich and memorable one. Whether through qualifying or additional training, remotely or in person, the experience at Collège de Rimouski remains one of sharing, diversity, and openness to community. It is lived in the present and strives towards an open future that will be shaped at the pace of each individual’s ambitions.

“I often quote the author Stéphane Laporte when explaining what we do at the Collège de Rimouski. He said: “That’s how everyone imagines it, school is important for later. [ ] Don’t go to school for later, go for now. The school is not only the future, it is above all the present. A gift that lasts. [ ] Don’t go there to find a place for yourself later, go there to find a place for yourself now.”1 This is exactly what we are proposing: a present that enriches the future,” concludes Annie-France Pelletier, Deputy Director of the University’s Promotion, Information and Communication Office.

To learn more about the Collège de Rimouski and its three components, the Institut maritime du Québec, the Cégep de Rimouski and the Center matapédien d’études collégiales, visit the site together for our three companies.

1 Laporte, S. (2019, August 31). letter to students. The press.

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