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Nigerian Honey Ogundeyi facilitates entry to training in Africa together with her digital platform Edukoya

As a serial entrepreneur, she has developed innovative technological solutions in the fields of education, finance and fashion. She has also worked for large corporations and has received several awards for her influence on technology development in Africa.

Honey Ogundeyi (pictured) is CEO of Edukoya, an education technology company. The Nigerian, holder of a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy, Government and Management, obtained from the University of Birmingham in 2004, founded the edtech company in 2021 with the aim of building the world’s largest online learning platform for Africans.

The Edukoya platform connects learners with digital curriculum content and on-demand teachers for real-time online education. ” We are building Africa’s largest learning platform. We are solving a real problem of lack of access to quality education in Africa said Honey Ogundeyi in October 2022.

Based in Lagos and London, Edukoya provides exam preparation content and homework help to its users, who may be in primary or secondary school. It offers a question bank with step-by-step operation, as well as custom performance tracking systems.

This model is unique in that we reach parents and learners 100% online and support them not only with exams but also with daily study, homework, supervision etc.says Honey in 2021.

Prior to Edukoya, Honey Ogundeyi co-founded Nigerian digital bank Kuda in 2018 and led the company’s marketing team until 2019. She also founded the online fashion retailer in 2014. However, her professional career began in 2004 at UBA Group, where she was a partner. In 2006 she worked as a senior analyst for the Belgian management consultancy McKinsey & Company.

From 2009 to 2012, the entrepreneur worked at Ericsson as Senior Business Advisor in Lagos, Head of Brand Management in Sweden and Head of Brand Management for the sub-Saharan Africa region. From 2012 until the founding of Fashpa she was Head of Industry at Google in Nigeria and from 2019 until Country Director of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, a project of the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in his country 2021.

To reward her work, Honey Ogundeyi was appointed to the Facebook Board of Directors for Nigeria in 2018. She was voted one of Africa’s top 10 innovators by the World Economic Forum and one of the 10 most influential young Nigerians under 40 in technology in 2016. The magazine came out in 2014forbeslisted her on his list of the 10 best aspiring women entrepreneurs to watch in Africa.

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