On the College of Lyon 2, UNI is taken on by college students

University of Lumière Lyon 2. @WilliamPham

During the elections for the central councils of the University of Lyon 2 on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 November, clashes erupted between student associations.

Student elections for the central councils of the University of Lyon 2 were held on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November. The students, who thus had the right to campaign for their union, clashed both on the spot and at the polls . Activists from UNI, the National Interuniversity Union, a right-wing student union founded by Eric Zemmour for his fight against what he “decolonial influence‘ were challenged by students and activists from the left-wing student union Unef.

reaction of the police

In a video shared by UNI, its militants are verbally intimidated while being towed around the wharves’ campus. “End“, “Clear” “I’m a soldier from heaven, I’m a proud Muslim motherfucker (sic)‘ we can hear. According to the association: “PSeveral UNI activists were physically attacked by people shouting in Arabic and threatening our activists with a knife.

All to the applause and encouragement of the members of the UNEF and the complicit passivity of the university administration and the Quais campus security services. Later that afternoon, Antifas beat and gassed our militants, causing one of them to have an asthma attack that needed urgent treatment.

Upon contact, the University of Lyon 2 will ensure that their “Fire safety officers, who had a good presence on site, attempted to calm the situation while maintaining order so as not to impede the smooth running of the vote taking place nearbyShe confirms that while a student was gassed during the altercation, his condition did not warrant fire department intervention.

Far right on the prowl

Also according to the university, security officers called the police after identifying a knife in the pocket of one of the protagonists. “The university also reserves the right to take disciplinary and legal action‘ concludes the administration.

Many right-wing and far-right figures have reacted to these videos. Eric Ciotti particularly denounced “Islamist violence“The RN group of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region also issued a press release condemning the incident.

Contacted, the Unef has not yet answered us.

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