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Ontario unveils plan to help mother and father within the occasion of a faculty strike

Some 55,000 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) are in a legal strike position from Monday if no agreement is reached between the government and school aid workers by 5 p.m. Sunday.

Several school boards have planned to learn to go online in the event of a strike next week. CUPEwhich submitted its strike notice earlier this week after talks with the province broke down.

The reasons for the strike of educational workers

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In a press release, Stephen Lecce indicates that the government is determined to stay at the negotiating table and reach an agreement.

But if the CUPE decides to go on strike, the government will offer free childcare to eligible health workers and childcare workers, for the duration any work stoppage.

Mr Lecce says the government will also ensure that before and after school programs are accredited easily transition into full-time programs […] Accelerate license verification requests and relocation permits.

We remain with all parents who just want to see their children learn in classhe says. We will continue to be at the table to make this happen.

Laura Walton, President of the Ontario Schools Support Workers Union, at work with the negotiating committee in Toronto on November 16.

Schools are backing Labor Union President Laura Wlaton during a negotiating meeting with the government this week. The parties intend to negotiate throughout the weekend.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Chris Young

The announced list of healthcare workers entitled to free child care includes doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers and people working in hospitals, long-term care, nursing homes and related care facilities.

If no deal is reached this weekend, it would be the second time workers in the CUPEwhich include teacher assistants, educators and janitors are on strike this month.

negotiation update

Corresponding CUPEThe two sides recently agreed on a wage increase of $1 an hour per year, or just over 3.5%, but the union is still fighting for more investment in education and hiring additional workers.

We fought for this for more than five months, but […] Employees are worth more than an extra dollarthe spokeswoman of cup, Laura Walton, on the show Metro morning by CBC radio.

They’re making more than a dollar, and that’s a good start in the right direction, but hopefully we can push a little bit more because that’s not keeping them afloat with inflation.

According to Minister Lecce The government has offered CUPE more money for salaries while maintaining its generous pension, benefit and sick leave scheme, and it is unfair that it is failing students and their parents, many of whom are on the front lines of healthcare.

On Thursday, Mr Lecce said he had submitted several improved offers and that no concessions were foreseen on his part.

Parents protest in Queen’s Park

A rally was held in front of the Ontario Legislature on Friday to show they disagreed with the situation.

The Ontario Families Coalition is behind this demonstration. According to their President, Brownen Aslop, both parties are responsible for the industrial dispute not being resolved. First, when the Ford government tried to ban the strike. An attempt that was finally abandoned after an agreement with the CUPE Beginning of November.

Now Mrs. Aslop feels emotionally exhausted given the possibility of a new strike.

The strike is unthinkable after what the children have been through [pendant la pandémie], so I don’t support this approach. I support everyone who strives for better living conditions and wants to advance their careers, achievements and security, but this is not the way. You can do it without our children. »

A quote from Brownen Aslop, President of the Ontario Families Coalition

In your opinion children Suffer of the situation and their presence at school is essential. Every school day counts.

Parents are divided over the strike

Some parents in the province are worried about further disruption to students’ learning if the threat of strikes materializes.

In Mississauga, Shabnam Shafi, whose two children attend Westacres Public School on the Peel School Board, worries about the possibility of other learning disabilities.

It’s really not nice for the children that they’re going on strike againMs Shafi said after taking her children to school on Friday.

but [le syndicat] If he gets what he is asking for, I think he needs to negotiate and reach an agreement that is good for everyone. The kids have to be in school.

people demonstrate.

If the strike is called, it will be the second in the education sector since early November.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Lars Hagberg

John Warrick, whose four grandchildren go to the same school, believes both the union and the government have done so legitimate arguments.

The government doesn’t have much money to givehe thinks.

Now it looks like wages are settled, but it’s nice to see that CUPE cares about the quality of education and the way the students are treated and that they are willing to pay for it strike and lose money. I respect that.

However, Mr. Warrick says the situation should not have gotten this far.

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