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Order of Nurses of Quebec

The mission of the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) is to ensure the protection of the public by and with nurses while ensuring the improvement of the health of Quebecers. It is also charged with ensuring the competence and integrity of Quebec’s nursing staff and helping to promote quality nursing practice. To achieve this, the OIIQ also offers support to its current and future members.

As of 2018, the first-attempt pass rate has typically ranged from 71% to 96%, compared to 51.4% for the September 26 exam. It is therefore clear that several of the candidates for the practice of the profession (CEPI) in this cohort had to go through a training path in a pandemic context, many are those who, despite the best efforts of educational institutions and students, have faced greater difficulties.

There are marked differences in the success of cohorts of educational institutions that provide nursing and nursing programs. Graduates from 30 of the 55 CEGEPs and universities scored above the provincial average on average in the September 2022 professional exam.

The September 26 review is no different from those conducted in previous years. It is important to specify that it has been developed by a group of experts from clinical institutions and college and university teaching institutions so that the whole process is a guarantee of integrity and fairness and reflects clinical reality.

As access to internships, laboratories and face-to-face teaching was made more difficult by the pandemic, some students in this cohort were therefore unable to demonstrate their practical ability during the exam as shown.

For this reason, given the low pass rate of CEPIs on the September 2022 exam, additional funding will be made available to support students on their path to entry into the profession. However, there are no plans to relax the criteria to protect the general public. Instead, we rely on targeted support so that all candidates can pass the exam on future retakes.

Solutions and Recovery Possibility
Individuals who fail their exam on the first attempt will be invited to register for the retake exam, which will take place in March. You may continue to practice under supervision.

It is important to note that CEPIs have three attempts to pass their exam. In order to better prepare for the next attempt, all those who were unsuccessful received an individual answer with the difficulties encountered. The OIIQ provides all the necessary tools to pass the exam; a detailed guide as well as preparatory online workshops are available online.

“In the run-up to the next exams, we will continue to support the students by working with educational institutions to create optimal conditions for passing the exam. This exam is usually successful and we are convinced that the return to face-to-face teaching as well as the support of the students will be factors of success.

However, CEPIs who fail the exam are deployed to the network, with the opportunity to practice under the supervision of a nurse and benefit from support measures. In addition, we will contact healthcare institutions to assist them in their monitoring activities offered to CEPIs. »

Luc MatthewPresident of the OIIQ

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