Ottawa universities is not going to mandate masks sporting on their campuses

Last week, the University of Waterloo announced that it would reintroduce mask requirements for staff and students by the end of the semester.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Mooreinstead opted Monday to strongly recommend Ontario residents go back to wearing masks in public places.

Ottawa Universities have chosen to follow government and local health authority guidelines.

Until [la Ville] imposes a requirement or Ontario imposes a requirement, we will not impose one ourselves because we think it is reasonable to go by what the city is doinghas the opinion of the Vice Rector for Administration of Saint Paul University, Stephen Stuart.

Saint Paul University

Saint Paul University is one of the Ottawa institutions that will follow local public health guidelines on masking (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada / Vincent Yergeau

Mister. Stuart reports that the school endeavors to follow the guidelines of OPS.

We try to do our utmost to be responsiblehe says.

location at CHEO

He says the school is closely monitoring the situation, including monitoring what’s going on at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and on the explanations of the Chief Physician of OPSdr Vera Etchings.

Many of our students have young children and many of our staff have young childrenlists Mr. Stuartcertifying that students and campus staff continue to wear masks.

I think the lessons of the last two years have served us well. People are realizing that they are not only protecting themselves, but protecting themselves [la] community by wearing masks. »

A quote from Stephen Stuart, Vice President of Administration at Saint Paul University

Keep adapting

Carleton University also recommends strong using masks indoors on campus and staying home if you are sick.

This is indicated by a statement from the university will continue to adjust as necessary to ensure the health and safety of all and to comply with public health advice, guidance and legal requirements.

Like Carleton University, the University of Ottawa is encouraging students to stay home if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

The post-secondary facility said in an email that it will continue to follow Ontario government and public health guidelines and expert advice on wearing face coverings.

We also encourage those with symptoms to complete Ontario’s self-assessment and seek advice on what to do if they have symptoms.the university announced in a press release.

With information from Nicole Bestwitherick, CBC news

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