Over $1 million in scholarships for the coed neighborhood

Student Life Services awarded $1,007,000 to 518 students as part of the 2021 Scholarship Contest. They were selected from 2,217 applications submitted this year and received grants ranging from $500 to $10,000.

support academic success

These scholarships are designed to recognize students’ efforts and alleviate worries of financial difficulties. They promote and facilitate perseverance and success.

Student Life Services Scholarships 2021 are divided into four main components:

  • 430 financial assistance grants totaling $852,500;
  • 51 Endurance Grants totaling $100,000;
  • 22 grants for people with disabilities totaling $44,000;
  • 15 merit grants for a total of $10,500.

86 protocols and grant fund agreements, including six new ones this year, make it possible to offer this impressive sum of $1,007,000. Student Life Services and the Alumni and Donor Network work together to ensure that funds raised meet the needs of the student population and the wishes of donors are met. The support of the philanthropic community (individuals, external foundations, student associations, institutional funds and internal donors) demonstrates the importance of academic success at the Université de Montréal.

The impact of these donations is very real, as this grantee testifies:

“During these six years of balancing family, (full-time) work and studies, I had to overcome many unforeseen events and many difficulties. Many sacrifices have been made by all members of my family in recent years so that I can successfully complete my studies. This scholarship rewards my perseverance and success as well as my future diploma and confirms that those sacrifices have paid off. It also gives me extra motivation to commit to my studies. The generosity of donors who support student success is an incredible demonstration of the value of education.”

– Martine P., Occupational Health and Safety Certificate student, winner of the FEP 2020-2021 Endurance and Achievement Scholarship

“This scholarship is equivalent to one semester and the money saved will enable me to more easily pay the costs associated with my health condition. But in my eyes this scholarship has a higher value. She welcomes all the days I’ve been fighting fatigue and nausea to participate in my activities. She commends all the treatments, effective or not, that I’ve tried to control my symptoms. She applauds all my efforts to maintain optimal health while balancing study, work, and leisure. It makes me proud of everything I have achieved so far and motivates me to continue my academic journey with excellence.”

– Maxime B., Masters student in Human Movement Sciences, winner of the Robert Goudreau grant from the Fonds mille et un métiers 2020-2021

The evening in honor of the scholarship holders takes place in the spring and enables the exchange between scholarship holders and donors.

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