Is it OK to pressure wash a car engine

Each of our top 7 pressure washer recommendations will get the job done quickly and smartly. A heavy or light machine can be used. A heavyweight, really? How to Pressure Wash a Car Engine First, turn off the engine, then follow these steps below to clean your engine bay. How to wash a car engine … Read more

What PSI will damage car paint

Getting water blasted from all sides is a unique aspect of being in an automatic car wash. Sometimes it’s tempting to get out of the car and drive through it yourself. If you did, how would you feel? What is the water pressure of your average automated car wash? Find answers to the most frequently … Read more

Will 1800 PSI clean driveway

By Kim Toscano In my youth, I spent many Saturday mornings holding my dad’s flashlight and handing him tools while he fixed the lawn mower or worked on her latest DIY project. If there’s one thing I learned from him, it’s that the right tool makes all the difference. When it comes to pressure washers, … Read more

What should you not do when pressure washing

You should not pressure wash asphalt shingles on your roof as this will remove the granules that protect your roof. Additionally, the pressure can cause your shingles to fall off, causing repair problems and possibly water damage. A professional pressure washing technician will be able to tell which areas in and around the roof are … Read more

Why you should not pressure wash your house

It’s still there, hidden under the surface of an old house. We all want it gone, but stripping paint with high pressure water isn’t the answer. This causes lead paint chips, large and small, to be blown all around the yard and mix into the ground where children can potentially ingest it. 50 reasons why … Read more