Police describe ‘worst crime scene ever’

The investigation into the deaths of four students found in their home on Sunday continues. Police, who have yet to make any arrests, described the scene as “the worst ever.”

The mystery surrounding the deaths of four college students this weekend in Idaho remains. Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee GonCalves, 21, were found dead at their home off the University of Idaho campus where they were all enrolled. On Tuesday, police said in a statement they had not found the murder weapon, but added that the four friends were likely stabbed. On Wednesday, Moscow City Police Chief James Fry provided new details about the disturbing case. He said two other roommates were home at the time of the tragedy, but the call for help wasn’t made until several hours later, the New York Post reports.

A spokesman for the Idaho State Police told US media that the two roommates in question were female and were not suspects. The spokesman also said the two would cooperate with investigators. Moscow Mayor Art Bettge told Fox News earlier this week that the crime happened around 3 or 4am on Sunday but was reported to police around noon. He went on to say that this case could be linked to “a burglary gone wrong” or a “crime of passion”.

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“There is no one we do not question”

Upon arriving at the scene, officers encountered what James Fry described as “the worst crime scene they’ve ever seen.” The police chief also said that Ethan and Xana, who were a couple, were at a party earlier on Saturday night while Madison and Kaylee were at a bar.

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Authorities initially warned that the community was not in imminent danger and said the crime appeared to have been deliberate. But on Wednesday, the speech shown was slightly different. “We cannot say there is no threat and we urge everyone to be vigilant, report suspicious activity to us and exercise caution around you,” James Fry said. However, he claimed that he believed the attack to be an isolated act. So far nobody has been arrested. “We’re interested in everyone, every piece of information we get, every lead we get, there’s nobody we won’t talk to. There’s nobody we won’t interview, there’s nobody we won’t search,” said James Fry.

For their part, the grieving families are awaiting further information from the authorities and regret the lack of transparency in the investigation. Ethan Chapin’s father, Jim, told Fox News that “the authorities’ silence is adding to the anguish of families.” “The lack of information from the University of Idaho and local law enforcement only fuels false rumors and innuendos in the press and on social media. For Ethan and his three dear friends who were killed and for our families, I am asking the authorities to speak the truth, share what they know, find the attacker and protect the community. The university released some information about the four students on Monday. She let it be known that Ethan – who appeared to be in a relationship with Xana – was a freshman and member of the Sigma Chi Brotherhood. The young girl studied marketing and was part of the Pi Beta Phi fraternity. Madison was also a marketing student. As for Kaylee, she was taking general education courses.

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