Pradié requires the uniform to be worn on the college and is unanimously in opposition to

The deputy from Lot wants to impose uniform clothing in the faculties to avoid the wearing of the veil by female students. The action seems unlikely given the current status of the 1905 Act. His proposal comes amid attacks on secularism in schools.

A proposal that has never appeared anywhere in his creed or project for Les Républicains. In the middle of a televised debate Monday night to take over the party leadership, Aurélien Pradié said he was in favor of wearing a uniform at the university.

“I say yes to the university uniform because I believe that the veil worn by women (…) in our colleges, our high schools or our universities is not a sign of emancipation. (…) We must arm the Republic with a unique outfit,” started Lot’s deputy during the debate between the candidates on LCI.

“Not sure if it’s legal for an adult at the university”

Enough to make his rivals skeptical, starting with Éric Ciotti, the big favorite of the competition.

“The uniform has to be worn until high school. For an adult at the university, I’m not sure if it will be allowed. We would undoubtedly have reactions in the amphitheaters,” said the Alpes-Maritimes MP.

Same story on the side of Bruno Retailleau, President of the LR Group in the Senate. who said “doubts about uniforms at university” while believing that this rule is “applicable at school”.

The Veil Admitted to Universities

If wearing a single outfit in the faculties seems very unlikely, it would be possible to circumvent the 1905 law that does not prohibit religious symbols at the university, be it a cross, veil or yarmulke.

While Trademarks related to religions are prohibited in secondary school Since the 2004 law, this is no longer the case at the university, as the vast majority of students are over 18 years of age.

“It’s ridiculous, grotesque, we need to stop this bullshit. These kinds of absurd proposals discredit political life,” replied Luc Ferry, former education minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, on LCI this Wednesday morning.

Increase in attacks on secularism in institutions

In 2014, the LRs defended the ban on veiling at the university after the suspension of a Paris-13 law professor who threatened to stop teaching to a veiled student.

Aurélien Pradié’s proposal comes in the context of a sharp increase in attacks on secularism in schools – 720 according to figures from the Ministry of National Education at the end of October. In early November, a teacher at a Montauban high school was placed under police protection after being videotaped by a student asking her to remove her abaya, a traditional robe worn over other clothing.

About twenty young girls who wore abayas at that facility ahead of the All Saints holiday “were the subject of a proceeding,” Pap NDiaye, the minister for national education, said on BFMTV a week later.

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