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Press Release SGEN-CFDT Reunion

Thursday, 11/24/2022

Following the publication of a press release by the Rectorate dated 11/23/2022, in which all responsibility for the crisis that the University is currently experiencing is transferred to its agents (researchers and BIATSS) and given the strong concern of the University community, the University Section of Sgen -CFDT Réunion called all representative trade union organizations to a meeting on Friday 25/11 at 12h00 to discuss, within the framework of trade union cooperation, the responses to the serious crisis that the establishment is currently experiencing a lack of loan payments for tenders for projects by the rectorate and experienced the Réunion region.

In this unprecedented context and in the absence of coherent solutions for all employees, the filing of a strike notice cannot be ruled out.

In addition, the Section welcomes the intervention of the Minister of Higher Education and Research, who was made aware of the situation by the University, to release the payment of the funds due to the University.

For several months, the university has been trying to get the rectorate and regional council to pay out the funds it has promised for research projects or large real estate projects.

If the governing council is trying to support the university and find quick solutions, this is apparently not the case with the rectorate, which shows more of a form of contempt, as at the hearing the section held on 11/14/22 and through the publication of a press release against him on 11/23/22.

The Rectorate still has to pay almost 7 million euros to the University of La Réunion. This situation has caused the University of Reunion, a major player in the region that has just celebrated its 40th anniversary for the population, to find itself in great difficulties.

In fact, the money was paid out by the institution to pay the installments to the companies. But due to a lack of payments from the rectorate, the university no longer has enough funds in its treasury to pay the companies, but also to ensure the remuneration of the 1,600 agents for the month of December.

31 Agents on fixed-term contracts are laid off for lack of funds to ensure payment of their remuneration. There could be about forty more soon. The university’s budget is healthy. The entire economy of the territory is threatened.

The section cannot accept this situation and has no doubts that all trade union organizations will mobilize beyond their differences to defend the university agents and the employees of the area’s companies, who have found themselves in great difficulties.

Some already fear that they will have to give up the business in the absence of a quick agreement.

Representative of the SGEN-CFDT section of the Reunion University

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