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Private Open Bar Coaching Account: The get together is sort of over

It was one of the key actions of the previous five-year term. The My Training Account application, known by the acronym CPF (Personal Training Account), has been the pride of successive Labor Ministers. In 2021, 2.1 million files were validated through this online platform. A number that has been multiplying by 4 since 2019!

Thanks to a small fund that the employer tops up with 500 euros every year and that is limited to 5,000 euros, more and more employees are taking the opportunity to choose their training with just a few clicks directly on their computer or smartphone. Some occasionally found that they had accumulated credits that were formerly expressed in hours and derived from the Individual Right to Education, the predecessor of the CPF.

The CPF file, which has already been plagued by the business of cold calling and other scams or frauds – leading to a law passed Oct. 6 to ban them – is now complicated for budgetary reasons. The funds of France Competences, the body responsible for the redistribution of the compulsory contributions of companies dedicated to vocational training, are not sufficient to cover all training costs in addition to the CPF: dual training, training for jobseekers, small entrepreneurs.. .

As a result, the public sector deficit in 2022 would reach at least 4.379 billion euros. For several years, the state has been saving with ” exceptional grants “. After three years of deliberately rampant development, the government now wants to limit costs.

A charge that separates

How to reverse without blocking the machine? The government already had its idea: a rest fee for everyone except the unemployed, according to the newspaper That echoes. The proposal angers one of the architects of the Career Future Act, Antoine Foucher.

The worst thing would be to slow down this culture change by breaking the demand dynamic with a co-payment or an administrative barrier […] Nothing could more contradict the macronic project of emancipation through ability.”She responded in the professional network LinkedInthe then chief of staff to former Labor Minister Muriel Pénicaud.

Skills Actors, an association representing training organizations, is calling for this remaining fee to be capped and capped at 10% of the total credit pledged. Unsa feared negative or even catastrophic consequences for access to education for all, especially the poorest”. In 2021, according to the Caisse des dépôts, which administers the CPF, 82% of CPF beneficiaries were non-executive.

No choice ? Unless he convinces all unions – including FO and CGT, for whom the real solution would be to increase company dues – the remaining indictment is a way of hitting hard at a system that seems out of control. The two organizations lagged behind discussions on the issue held between the social partners, who pledged to compile their proposals after a final meeting on November 30th.

We cannot afford to let go of chaos. We cut the grass under the feet of the professional training margoulins », For his part, explains CFTC negotiator Maxime Dumont.

It is still necessary to be able to sort out the training that may or may not escape this employee contribution. For example, the CFTC wants to exclude courses that lead to a diploma or professional certification from the rest. Therefore, leave the courses of office automation, languages ​​​​or administration that do not allow to control the whole of a trade or a station.

Employers’ organizations hope the balance to be paid will make more workers think twice before seeking training

On the other hand, the driver’s license, which is a diploma, remains “free”. The CFTC also advocates that skills assessment waive this co-payment and allow workers to make a more informed decision about the training they need.

An additional lever for employers

Employers’ organizations hope the balance to be paid will make more active people think twice before pursuing training. And therefore to turn more to the employer to find common ground.

The company or profession could contribute to the CPF to cover this remaining fee.” Imagine Laurent Munerot, vice-president of the Union of Local Enterprises (U2P), which represents artisans, traders and the liberal professions.

The CPF is not often used in the context of a professional project. A branch told me about the case of an HR manager who decided to take a manicure class but did not participate in any projects. I know a lot of people around me who started learning English without really needing it for their work »notes Stéphane Heit, vice-president of the Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CPME), in charge of education and training.

It remains to be seen whether the government will take up the social partners’ proposals in detail. For example, charging a fee for language courses is tantamount to attacking one of the most popular training courses on the platform. Which undermines the attractiveness of the CPF.

The CPF is an inherent right of the individual that is not bound by employment contract or status. With this remaining charge, it will be geared all the more towards the needs of the economy. It’s like having a salary, but you can only use it under certain conditions ‘ regrets René Bagorski, President of the French Association for Reflection and Exchange on Formation.

Not to mention the risk of non-recourse if the conditions to access the CPF without further payment become too complicated…

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