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PRO-RePEM actions formally launched – Matin Libre

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(The Dedras Ong Consortium and Social Watch Benin for implementation)

The activities of the project to strengthen civil society organizations for Education Policy Accountability and Implementation (PRO-RePEM) was officially launched on Tuesday 22 November 2022 at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Cotonou.

PRO-RePEM aims to contribute to strengthening the role of national civil society in promoting transparency and accountability of education system policies and their implementation in order to improve the provision of quality, equitable, inclusive education and resilience to emergencies. In terms of areas of intervention, it covers the entire national territory, namely the twelve (12) departments and the seventy-seven (77) municipalities of Benin. The implementation of the project is ensured by the Organization for Sustainable Development, Strengthening and Self-Promotion of Community Structures (Dedras-Ong) and Social Watch Benin. The consortium received financial support from the Education Out Loud (EOL) Fund, established by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and led by Oxfam Ibis. Let’s go for a thirty (30) month period (March 2022_August 2024). But in reality actions were carried out before the official launch of PRO-RePEM. “(…) the project whose activities we are launching today reinforces the work already done by the Beninese Coalition of Organizations for Education for All (CBO-EPT), which set up the Education Observatory (OE), which is a to be observed Mechanism of civil society is , sequentially measure and record the changes that are taking place in the realm of the realization of the right to education. To date, the project has supported the Observatory of Education in setting up its dismemberments in 60 communities, in addition to the 17 already installed by the CBO-EPT with the support of the Aide et Action consortium and Plan International Benin. In addition, the project supported the establishment of Departmental Observatories of Education (ODE), 12 in total, before proceeding with capacity building for all members of the 77 OCEs on the eve and citizen control and its mechanisms. the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as analysis and budget monitoring,” explained Dedras-Ong CEO Alphonse Kinkponhoué, adding that “the aim of the consortium in the implementation of this project is to be able to with a view to mutual accountability, to share the results of the project regularly through online meetings and on platforms”. In his speech, the Vice-President of the Beninese Coalition of Organizations for Education for All, Arsène Adifon, welcomed the implementation of PRO-RePEM, that of his Denotes the important role CSOs play in seeking funding to support the government in fulfilling its mission of providing quality, inclusive and equitable education on an equal footing to all children, girls and boys, without discrimination of equality.” He then assured the partners of the availability of the koa lition in this support. “The present project, which we are starting today, comes at the right time…”, emphasizes Prisca M. Nekeyan, Deputy Minister for Kindergarten and Primary Education. “I therefore remain convinced that your commitment, as organizations closer to the communities that will benefit from the educational offering, is to provide decision-makers with factual and compelling data on the various services provided, while also reflecting the appreciation and aspirations of these beneficiaries the approaches and recommendations to take into account the real needs of the rights holders,” she added, thanking the Consortium Dedras-Ong and Social Watch Benin in collaboration with the Beninese Coalition of Organizations for Education for All (CBO-EPT) and the TFPs for their work to improve the quality of education and school performance towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the Odd4.


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