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produce a podcast with WeVideo

A podcast with WeVideo

Creating a podcast is one of the easiest creative exercises for any topic and context. It obliges students to structure their knowledge on a topic and transmit it in a synthetic way. They are usually very proud of the result and once they understand what is at stake they can become very good at creating more.

The teacher leaves many learning tracks, regardless of the initial topic.

Alexandre Bazinet invites you to explore the possibilities of this course.


You can create a podcast for very little money. The anchor site is often and rightly cited as the easiest way to create podcasts – I did. The big downside in education is that the website is now owned by Spotify and has to be published on their website. We can therefore not create “private” podcasts. What is often required in training.

But there are other solutions. Soundtrap allows for much more privacy. But it is a paid site after the 30-day free trial.

If you have access to iPads, the Garage Band application allows you to edit audio.

You can also use WeVideo.

It is a website that allows editing audio or video online. Because everything works without downloading an app, it works great on Chromebooks.

In this series of videos, he shows the basics of what you need to know to create a podcast using this tool.

Sign up for WeVideo

As part of a podcast creation in class.

Familiarize yourself with the WeVideo interface

The user interface looks like any classic editing software. So it doesn’t look like Tiki Tok at all and students may not be at all familiar with this type of editing. That …

+ details

Record your voice in WeVideo

Some teachers are (and are) very interested in creating podcasts. But you don’t have to wait. A basic Chromebook may suffice. Microphones come later. We can…

+ details

Import audio to WeVideo

We can also take good quality recordings with our phones. For example, we could give our students the task of conducting an interview with an adult around them about…

+ details

Editing in WeVideo

When all the content is recorded, it’s time to edit. Here are some pointers.

Add music to WeVideo

As always, our students must be made aware of the rules surrounding royalty-free music. Music is so ubiquitous on Tik Tok that you might think it’s unnecessary…

+ details

Export your podcast from WeVideo

When everything is ready, it’s time to export. We can put anything on Google Drive.

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