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From Poverty to Social Protection: History and Heritage. Mixtures offered to Yannick Marec

The work

The volume offers a scholarly and friendly tribute to Yannick Marec by around twenty professors, through these colleagues mixtures, testifies to the topicality of the research on the topics and heuristic approaches of this outstanding specialist in the history of poverty, social protection policy and the social republic. These rich contributions are part of a social history – in the narrower sense of the word – or politics, and lay the foundation for a renewed approach to the history of social, solidarity economy and cultural history through still unknown themes around heritage and science.

President of the Scientific Council of the French Society for the History of Hospitals, Vice-President of the Scientific Council of the Committee for the History of Social Security, Yannik Marec chairs the Norman Committee for the History of Social Security and was made a Knight of the National Order of Merit in 2022. He has published and directed various personal and collective works on forms of solidarity and the management of health and social protection issues. A ceremony in his honor was held at the University of Rouen on October 17, crowning a rich academic and human career littered with prizes and awards.

publishing director

They are history lecturers, professors, researchers linked to the GRHIS (History Research Group at the University of Rouen, Normandy). Anthony Kitts research topics include the history of poverty, marginality, representation and hospitals; Ludivine Bartigny, Political engagement and historical awareness in the 20th centurye century ; Pascal DupuyEuropean satirical images surrounding the revolution and its impact in Britain; Oliver holidaythe field of economic and social history of modern times (XXe-XXIe Century), finally the exploration of Jean-Yves Fretigne lie at the intersection of political, cultural and ideological history with 19th-century Italy as a privileged research countrye and XXe centuries. The latter has been acting director of PURH since September 2022.

It continues with the work of Yannick Marec

Hospitals and medicine at war. From the creation of the military health service to contemporary conflictsdirected by Yannick Marec in collaboration with Jacques Poisat, University Press of Rouen and Le Havre, coll. “History and Heritage”, 387 pp., €29, ISBN: 979-10-240-0969-8.

History of Rouen. Antiquity-1815edited by Yannick Marec, University Press of Rouen and Le Havre, 364 pp., €39, ISBN: 979-10-240-0967-0.

Hospital, City and Citizenshipdirected by Yannick Marec in collaboration with Jacques Poisat, University Press of Rouen and Le Havre, coll. “History and Heritage”, 422 pp., €25, ISBN: 979-10-240-1513-2.

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