Research on the College of French Ontario in Canada

Professionalization, our most important asset

Located in the heart of Toronto, our campus is a French-speaking island in the middle of Canada’s major business capital, which is predominantly English-speaking. In this environment, there are many internship opportunities for our multilingual students: theUOF has forged lasting relationships with both Francophone and Anglophone companies and organizations in the region. Today, thanks to its pedagogical and entrepreneurial leadership, our university is a French-speaking partner recognized by economic operators and communities in the province. We encourage the development of students’ skills and knowledge, whatever their chosen course of study, by ensuring that their education is aligned with their worldview and future aspirations.

Admission criteria that value excellence and diversity

Residents of Ontario, another Canadian province or international candidates, our programs are open to all. Inclusivity, diversity and equality are our watchwords every day: they are key to designing dynamic and forward-thinking promotions. These promotions reflect our range of courses, which bring together constantly evolving disciplines such as digital innovation, sustainable development or social sciences.

All candidates who have successfully completed their secondary education and have studied French for at least three years can take part in our courses. Always in search of excellence, we select our students based on some of the results they have obtained in their previous education, specifically the grade of their baccalaureate or equivalent.

> Pierre Ouellette, Rector and Vice Chancellor, University of French Ontario.

“Every student who begins their French studies in Toronto takes an active part in the social, cultural and economic vitality of French Ontario. »

> Wallis Allah-Kouame, student of human plurality.

“One of the best things about UOF is that I just started a new family. The students were great and made me feel very welcome. We all felt the need to come together, to create common ground in order to move forward more easily. Whenever I need them, my new friends are always there. Thanks to them I feel much stronger. »

> Steve Kawe, graduate student in Digital Cultures

“I felt fulfilled in the midst of all these student-centric activities and especially the diversity that the university offers in terms of students. »

> Keren Monzongo, student in Urban Environments

“Involving and valuing everyone are the core principles of the Université de l’Ontario français that have shaped my career there. The hospitable and welcoming character of the association and its members allowed me better integration and a more fulfilling student life. You quickly feel at home at the UOF! I also highlighted the smooth communication between staff, faculty and students. This personally fueled my success in my freshman year at UOF. So it’s clear to me: At the UOF it’s FAMILY! »

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