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Residence education: close to Dinan, this mom finds the entry situations too restrictive

Nathanael and his mother
Nathanaël and his mother: a first part of homeschooling, before entering college last September. ©Little Blue of the Côtes d’Armor

Two years ago, Natacha Chesné, mother of Nathanaële, protested against a home schooling bill. It provided that “home schooling shall be subject to prior authorization”.

As the law was not announced, her daughter was able to continue her education at home until the 6th grade, “We have the support of the Academic Inspectorate”.

Does it fit in the box?

But today, this mother from Corseul, a town near Dinan (Cotes-d’Armor) miracles. “The tightening of this law in September 2022 seems incompatible to me. It forces homeschooling parents into a box, which risks leaving hundreds of families on the floor because of a sometimes arbitrary decision by the academy they depend on. If tomorrow, my daughter wanted to resume home schooling, I am not sure that I would be allowed, I would have to write an educational project, but we do not know what the Academic Inspectorate expects from him.

“Homeschooling has developed autonomy in my daughter”

Natacha Chesne

Exact criteria: health, distance, roaming, etc.

The bases defined by law for home schooling are the health condition or disability of the child, the practice of intensive sports or artistic activities, the family’s lack of accommodation in France or the geographical distance from any public school institution, the existence of a specific situation for the child that motivates the educational project.

“It brings everything and nothing together, families don’t find themselves there, there is no unity in the academy. This reason for the existence of a specific situation for the motivation of an educational project is a catch to silence the parents, without taking into account the well-being of the children”, Natacha Chesné assesses.

His daughter wanted to find her friends

His daughter Nathanaël decided to return to school, more precisely to the faculty, “I wanted to find a relationship with my girlfriends. I had my girlfriend going to 6th grade so I wanted to be with her. I felt ready. If this doesn’t work, I’m going back home.”

These four years of home schooling have been very positive, “I’m completely comfortable in English. »

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For the mother, it is certain, “homeschooling has developed autonomy in my daughter”. If she has accepted the choice, she protests against a law “approved without taking into account the parents and their wishes”.

At least one parent must have a degree

From now on, homeschooling will only be possible if one of the parents has a degree. “Another clause that selects families; further excluding them from a chosen and desired instruction for their child. Not everyone necessarily knows how to write an educational project”, says Natacha Chesné.

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