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Rodez: Afev has been devoted to college students for 30 years and since 2008 in Champollion

Created since 2008 within the University of Champollion, the association carries out several actions in favor of the fight against inequalities. It celebrates its 30th anniversary at the national level.

Very often, the role of student associations within higher education institutions is reduced to that of weekends, integrative evenings, etc. However, some of them have worked for several decades in the fight against inequalities, work in building solidarity projects or even help the most difficult students to find their way to create their own success.

Among them, Afev (Student Foundation Association for the City), which this year celebrates thirty years of its existence, has worked since 1992 to create bonds of solidarity between campuses and working-class neighborhoods. “Several thousand students have committed themselves throughout France to achieve this objective”, underlines Sarah Boscus, the association’s employee in charge of development. In Aveyron, the association has its headquarters at the University of Champollion. It has been established since 2008. And one of the main actions of the association remains mentoring. Thus, nearly 85 pairs have been created between a student or high school student and a child (from CP to 3ème) who is in difficulty.

Thus, while promoting development, cultural openness, the understanding of school codes, etc. is supported. The pair meet throughout the year, at a rate of 2 hours per week. And if it is possible inside the house to create a connection with the family and meet their needs as closely as possible.
In addition to individual actions, Afev Rodez teams organize collective actions for families and couples around games, sports, culture or orientation.

Difficult time for students during Covid-19

Also in Rodez and Onet-le-Château, Afev operates in different neighborhoods in collaboration with several partners: Ramadier Saint-Éloi, Gourgan, downtown, Quatre-Saisons and Costes-Rouges. Our missions, we are always looking for civic services,” explains Sarah Boscus. At the same time, Afev is there to help students succeed in their university course. “During the period of the Covid-19 epidemic, students were isolated. It was very difficult for many of them, laments Sarah Boscus. But recently, we think many initiatives are starting again. »

Thus, Afev members seek to energize student life in Rodez. “There are just over 3,000 students and the construction of the future campus in Saint-Éloi will further increase the city’s attractiveness,” Sarah Boscus points out. We were thinking about organizing integration weekends to allow students to make contacts and not be isolated. An initiative that illustrates Afevi’s desire to take control of student life in Rodez, but above all to show “that young people do not wait to get involved and start initiatives in all areas, social and cultural”.

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