Rouen artist InkOj indicators a colourful fresco on the College of Le Havre

A colorful fresco measuring 9 by 4 meters was painted at the University of Le Havre by the Rouen artist InkOj between the Crous and the Maison de l’Etudiant. It is part of various facilities of the institution.

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“Breathe”: this is the keyword chosen to guide the work commissioned by the Rouen artist InkOj, responsible for the creation of a fresco for the University of Le Havre. We owe the initiative for this project in particular to the director of student life, David Fontaine: “After two years of Covid, it was important to revitalize the heart of the university and for it to be active, supportive, cultural… and colourful! This led to various developments such as this space connecting the Crous to the student house, which was used as a sad open-air corridor rather than living space. »

Sea and forest inspiration!

At the heart of this redevelopment is a painted fresco 9 meters long and 4 meters high, symbolizing the necessary respite offered to students battered by health, economic and geopolitical news. To carry out this project in which the students were involved, the Rouennaiser Nicolas Soulabail, aka InkOj, organized a brainstorming workshop in which the students, motivated by the adventure, were asked to express everything that came to their mind, using the head as a symbol for the verb “breathe”. .

“Of course, in a seaside city like Le Havre, the sea is often present, but for many students, woodland and landscapes were also mentioned frequently. From this reflection I have therefore imagined patterns that symbolize them.” describes the artist working from stencils that he makes specifically for each of his works.

In French, English and Ukrainian

Thus, a blinding sun shines its rays on torn strips of paper, symbolizing the taking of notes by students, colored and reminiscent of maritime or rural landscapes, with the verb “Respirer” in capital letters in French, in English to symbolize the international side of the place , as well as in Ukrainian, since several students from this country took part in the project.

“This project, along with many other actions, is consistent with the broader framework of our sustainable development policy,” underlines the first vice-president of the university, Jean-Noël Castorio. “Our first task is to take in, house and feed students, but it is just as important to offer them a framework that promotes the success of their studies,” completes the director of the Crous Havrais, Corinne Huet, stakeholder and co-funder of the project. The city of Le Havre also lent its support. The university houses 13,700 students.

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