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RTL At the moment – Youth violence (1): “My son was attacked”, “They threatened me”, “What are the mother and father doing?”

Bullied children, a “gang of 17” who think everything is allowed, overburdened institutions and parents pointing the finger… Many of you have witnessed by following our article on youth violence in Luxembourg.

This Monday, a teenager was violently attacked in Esch-Belval. He was leaving school when he was harassed by three students who demanded his bag and wireless headphones. While he refused, the three young men they are dragged to the ground and beaten.

An isolated act? Not really. This kind of story is much more common than you might think. But because they involve young people, these attacks rarely make headlines in the media.

A few days ago we asked our readers to testify about this juvenile delinquency in Luxembourg. We received more than forty testimonies. Often, parents express their concern for their children or face the insolence of young people. But many also express their anger against an overburdened school and justice system with this violence, or against the responsibility of parents in this stripping of their children…

Here is a selection of your testimonials (all anonymous or pseudonymous). Tomorrow we will publish an interview with a psychologist specialized in helping minors and which denounces a certain “Luxembourg’s delay” in the prevention and treatment of this violence among young people.


Lena: “JI work in a supermarket and at lunch time we are invaded by young people from the school next door. Every day we have to intervene for petty thefts, insults, verbal attacks, etc… Sometimes the police come on time, sometimes it’s late and they run away…

MR:”I see juvenile delinquency at Lycée Mathias Adam. The youths gather in the tunnel of Lamadelaine station – where the rubbish left on the ground almost blocks passage – and attack the little ones in groups. They circle around and attack the younger children, physically and verbally abusing them. The school says it can’t do anything because this isn’t happening on school grounds. Where are the police? Security guards? the parents of these young people?

MRS:I think it is also the government’s fault, because for example the young people who are in Dreiborn (Editor’s note: the municipality has a socio-educational center aimed at incarcerating young delinquents) can come out every day. And in Wormeldange there are always incidents, like vandalism (cars, shops), again yesterday evening ( Editor’s Note: Last October 29) we called the police because of them”.

Marko75:”They attacked my 14-year-old son in high school.

sand:”Young people insulted me in the pedestrian zone when I went shopping with my 9-year-old son, waved me playing football in the middle of the street. […]. I left quickly, fearing that they would not go any further, especially since I had my son with me and I wanted to prevent him from seeing this kind of scene. They were between 12 and 15 years old, one of them was smoking and just looking at them seemed to provoke them.

Social injustice:”Yes, I have been provoked and threatened with a bottle of alcohol by young people about 17 years old. Reason? None, they came to me for no reason. Speaking calmly and telling them that I knew how to break their faces before I got hit, they finally left. I avoid violence and dialogue, but if hit, solve the problem regardless of our government that talks but does nothing, except shame the victims, who have no rights. But not everyone knows how to keep calm and own an attack and take revenge where it hurts, but without breaking or killing. Defending yourself is always legitimate, it is no offense to our enlightened people in power. What is unacceptable is the lack of police on the roads and streets. Also, it is unacceptable to harass the victim who defended himself. What is the point of making inquiries if the laws remain in favor of the unfortunate!


In our previous article, we talked about the youth gangs that exist in Luxembourg, specifically a “seventeenth block”, which is particularly violent and would have around forty members. The authorities calculate at least 6 large gangs, who recruit minors and are particularly responsible for very serious actions against other children (persecution, ransom, physical and psychological violence). Unfortunately, information is lacking on these gangs. Also, if you want to testify like the two people below, don’t hesitate to contact us via the form at the bottom of the article.
(Anonymous): “JI know people there. There is also a much older member who I believe is 18 or older than him who is the so called leader of the group.

(Anonymous):”There is a gang that includes a certain “X”. (Editor’s note: we removed the name) my brother-in-law has been extorted and he has filed a complaint, but it is still dragging on. As a result, his mother was completely forced to send him to Portugal.


HH13:”Unfortunately it starts from the basics! Despite the numerous complaints addressed to the teaching staff / regional leaders of the Ministry of National Education or even the municipality… repeated and proven facts, this is NEVER taken seriously!!! We advise you to “simply” put your child in private… The mouths that remain… With complete impunity!

anonymous:”Hello, you talk about juvenile delinquency, but it would be very important to also talk about the harassment of primary school teachers against children, where the means of recourse for parents are very limited. The teachers are not sanctioned in any way and the children are subjected to very violent humiliation. Teachers who bully children are often known by the Ministry of Education, the mayor, other teachers and no one moves!

flu each year:”Kindergarten and primary school teachers do nothing if a child is abused. Parents are told to send their child to a school abroad.

Cold:”When my child was in primary school, he had to face a lot of moral harassment, from children who pushed and hit him. This happened during the lesson when the teacher did not understand, or when he was leaving the classroom. I had to call the police who were at this young man’s house (the “leader” of this group).


squirrel: It is absolutely necessary that parents, especially those who have custody of them, should be sanctioned very severely.“.

(Anonymous):”If we cannot punish the children, we must lecture them at all costs and punish the parents who have custody of them (in this case seek effective means, especially financial, and for non-Luxemburgers, if offenses are repeated, there is an inadmissibility in the territory). We don’t expect it to get any worse. Strong measures are needed“.

Marcopolo:”For my part, parents are basically responsible for their children and I know some parents who are afraid of their children!


You can react to these testimonies by posting a comment, or by filling out the form below, which will allow you to leave a contact (email, mobile phone number) if you want to be contacted by our reporter. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

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