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Schooling: Many faculties within the Haute-Garonne are affected by the non-replacement of absent lecturers

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The question of not replacing absent teachers from school to high school is raised again by many parents and students in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne who denounce the school chaos.

If the return to school in Haute-Garonne was described as “quiet” by the Rectorate of Toulouse, since then there have been alarming situations in certain schools, colleges and high schools where the failure to replace absent teachers is disadvantageous to learning and therefore to students. .

Many institutions are being affected by this recurring phenomenon and fear they will run out of substitute teachers with the upcoming winter and sick leave. In some cases, following the program is hell.

Emma,​​15, a second-year student at Raymond Naves High School in Toulouse, says she “hasn’t had a maths teacher since the school year started.”

“We follow the courses online”

“My parents are also alarmed, because how is she supposed to catch up, she says. The teacher did two hours of lessons and then got sick, we had two hours of replacement, since then we do math exercises online and nothing to fill the free hours.

On the ground, it’s difficult to get figures on the extent of the problem, but it’s being seen on a daily basis. “At FCPE, we get at least three messages a day from parents who have taken over the academic leadership of the National Education Services (Dasen), notes its President Eric Pinot. There are replacement problems at all levels, from high school to high school.

“30 to 50 unreplaced classes per day”

In the department’s schools, “there are between 30 and 50 classes a day that are not being replaced, it’s an unprecedented situation,” notes Snuipp-FSU 31 (1st degree) co-secretary Alexia Seguin. And to continue: “This is brand new, because for the first time we are recruiting for the supplementary list of the university competition for professorships at the beginning of the school year. As for the 220 contract workers hired in Haute-Garonne, we will not be able to go further because the Academy, which has already applied to the Ministry for authorization to hire more contract workers, has reached the ceiling. »

“We are very concerned”

As winter approaches, the issue of replacing teachers who are absent for various reasons is likely to gain in importance. For Pierre Priouret, academic secretary of the Snes-FSU (second degree), “we are entering a critical phase. It will be difficult to replace absent colleagues, especially since the Rectorate has almost exhausted the number of contract workers who were hired at the beginning of the school year. So we’ve hit the 1,350 recruitment bar, which is generally a year-end bar. This corresponds to a three-year competition delay. The question of a replacement this winter worries us a lot, that’s for sure.”

Several materials in tension

Many sectors are affected in secondary school: Engineering, EPS (Sports), English, Spanish, Modern Letters, Mathematics, SVT, Biotechnology, Snes-FSU fires. “We don’t have numbers, but we know that there are holes everywhere,” confides Pierre Priorouret. The students’ parents are not giving up, like the demonstration on Tuesday November 15 in front of the Tournefeuille college.

School of the Frouzins: The anger of the parents of students who demand a teacher

In Frouzins, south-west of Toulouse, the parents of students from the Pierre and Marie Curie school group are desperately waiting for the “failures of the Toulouse Academy”. Every day, the 26 children in a mixed kindergarten class from middle and large sections are distributed to other classes due to the lack of a specific teacher in the school, which complicates the work of the teachers, whose number is exploding. “Since the beginning of the school year, the mistress who was in office needed fourteen days before she became ill,” says Floriane, mother of two students. She’s a great teacher who was replaced just a day ago. We called the rector’s office several times to draw attention to the situation, but everyone passed the buck on. The teaching team does their best to accommodate the children, but the teachers are at their wits end. We are outraged by the parents.

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