Science: The top of impunity?

According to the students of the Polytechnic Rural Training and Applied Research Institute (IPR/IFRA) of Katibougou, it is the turn of a student of the Faculty of Management and Political Sciences of the University of Law and Political Sciences of Bamako to be definitively expelled and out of public higher education disfellowshipped for attacking the dean of said faculty.

Parents of pupils and students are asked to sufficiently inform their children about good behavior at the university. A few years ago it was genuine negligence and total impunity. However, it must be recognized that things are beginning to change in higher education administration and particularly in the fight against impunity in schools and universities. The perpetrators of violent crimes of any kind are now severely punished.

As evidence of this, students at the Polytechnic Rural Institute for Training and Applied Research (IPR/IFRA) in Katibougou who engaged in acts of violence during a Commission President election were severely punished. Indirect authors were temporarily suspended and direct authors were permanently banned. At the beginning of the affair, many thought it would fall by the wayside as usual. That is, classified without serious follow-up. But to everyone’s surprise, a meeting of the IPR/IFRA Disciplinary Council in Katibougou decided the case and immediate action was taken against the students who were directly or indirectly involved in this violence.

The direct authors were suspended, excluded or denied access to institute premises and those indirectly involved were temporarily suspended.

Following the announcement of the sanctions by the General Directorate of IPR/IFRA of Katibougou, the Directorate of the Regional Center for University Works of Koulikoro, which is in charge of matters related to the University Works of Katibougou, took the same measures against guilty students through a memo. Those temporarily suspended lose their rights to university work temporarily, including financial benefits (scholarships, keychains and others), housing, health, transportation, etc. Those who are permanently suspended lose their rights to university work permanently.

The University of Law and Political Sciences of Bamako (USJPB) has just taken the same disciplinary action against a student from one of its faculties. This is the student A. Maïga, born in RCI. She is accused of assaulting the dean of said faculty. By a decision of the rector, Pr. Bourema Kansaye, she was finally disfellowshipped and removed from the staff of Bamako University of Law and Political Science. According to our information, the instruction is given to get the accused student to exercise her rights to the university works offered by the CENOU. That is, his rights to financial benefits (scholarships, equipment and others), housing, health, transportation, etc.

According to our information, the measures are supported from above to serve as a lesson for other students. It is worth remembering that higher education authorities are more determined than ever to ban violence in the university environment.

Mr. Dolos

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